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    [Review] 30247 ARC-170 Starfighter

    One of the best minis they have done. Shame there were no minifigs with the Star Wars give-aways this time.
  2. Danthebrick

    Aliens UD4L Dropship

    Absolutely awesome! Get it on Cusoo - I'd buy it!
  3. Danthebrick

    Steel Stallions: A Galactic Marine Faction

    Great background to a couple of great MOCs. Love it when someone goes to the trouble of creating a proper background and characters to go with their work. Good stuff!
  4. Danthebrick

    Darth Revan minifig (and other May the 4th promotions)

    Getting hold these "special" figures is one of my favourite parts of being a Leo Collector. This one isn't the best they have done, nor is it the worst. Worst has to be the Hoth Han from last year and the best probably The Chrome Vader. I would really like them to stick to colour variants or Chomies rather than ordinary figures.
  5. Interesting thred.... My view is that I would definitely miss it, however, I am getting a little frustrated by new sets. I collect SW sets for 2 reasons, to get the iconic ships ie Xwing, Tie Fighter etc and 2nd to get new (and hopefully one day - all of) minifigs but the more recent waves have tended to include fewer and fewer ships I really want or need and/or are very expensive to by for the sake of getting a figure I want which often means I opt for ebay or bricklink.
  6. Danthebrick

    Lego autographs

    Haha Huntleyfx - can see how that works - though I had to google him to find who he was! JRBricks- I think that looks fantastic - a really eye catching collectors piece. TK-949 - Yeah that also works but as u say not particularly pretty but definitely adds to the items interest/value.
  7. Danthebrick

    Lego autographs

    http://www.brickshel...hrinkgreedo.jpg Saw a picture on Hothbricks of a Boba Fett minifigure signed on its cloak by the actor. Had the chance to meet Paul Blake aka Greedo today at a collectors fair but didn't have a fine enough pen for him to sign the figure but he did kindly sign the base on top of the photo I had bought. Wondered if anyone else had any good Lego/autograph combinations?
  8. Danthebrick

    New style Scene Minifig magnets

    Think I in the minority but I love the new magnet range. The backgrounds are really nicely printed and look great. Some are better than others, and they chosen better backgrounds for some - eg the Leia in the iconic Death Star corridor is really good. Wish they'd do a few rarer figures and maybe a bit expensive.
  9. Danthebrick

    [MOC]"My client is getting impatient"

    Very artistic and creates the feel of the scene perfectly, good work!
  10. Danthebrick

    Tatooine citizens

    Amazing and fun creations - my favourites would be Sy Snootles, Long snoot and Ithorian.
  11. Danthebrick

    [MOC] AT-PE(All terrain personal enforcer)

    great design - very ED-209y (robot thing from Robocop). Better than the other walkers they have released.
  12. Danthebrick

    LEGO Star Wars 2013 Pictures and Rumors

    Also a bit disappointed with the choice of May the Fourth figure - would definitely prefer a colour twist on a trooper or droid or a chromie. However I will probably get one as have most the exclusive figures and its a nice gesture from Lego for us collectors.
  13. Danthebrick

    Future of SW Contest: Small Category Voting Thread

    My votes go to..... 18> Pablo94 - 3 points 5> Sparkart - 2 points
  14. Danthebrick

    [MOC] Micro Sith Fury-class Interceptor

    very nice indeed. a brilliant replica at that scale.
  15. Backstory: J.J Abrams had spent hours delving into the darkest depths of his mind to create a new villain for Episode VII.......... He came up with a Dark Sith Lord with reptillian scales, viscious fangs dripping with venom and putrid stinking breath. His opening scene was to be aboard a Republic Cruser and this Sith Lord smashing through blast doors to do battle with a group of Jedi who he ruthlesslessly tears apart with tooth, claw and lightsaber. However the Disney Executives felt that this didnt really sit with their target audience so asked Abrams to redisgn this character to make him more loveable and child friendly so DARTH LIZARDUS was born........