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  1. Sastrei

    LEGO Discord

    Cheers Lunabrick! Thanks for spreading the word. :) Gnac - I certainly don't want to offend the Eurobricks admins. Discord is just a chat channel similar to IRC, Trillian, Yahoo Messenger, etc. It does have voice functionality, but think of it more as a coffee bar that people stop by on their way to the theatre, with Eurobricks being the theatre in the analogy. It's browser based as well, so you don't need to download anything. Indeed, I can access Discord from work (for now) despite Eurobricks (and even :( ) being blocked, so it can be a fun place to burn time on a lunch break.
  2. Sastrei

    LDD to 3ds MAX

    You'll need to recalculate the normals so that they are facing in the proper direction. Also make sure you don't have any coplanar faces or similar trash geometry as a result of the import process. How did you pull the LXF into 3DSMax in the first place? I wasn't aware a converter existed.
  3. I take it you modeled the quadrant gear yourself? Neato! Did you use solidworks, dat editors, or something else? Also, will you be making that piece available for download?
  4. Sastrei

    Join us on Discord chat!

    Hi everyone! I was reminiscing about the old IRC days and created a LEGO chat channel on Discord. Voice chat is available, but it's primarily text. You can access chat straight from your browser via the link on the image, or download a standalone Discord app if so inclined. All themes welcome!
  5. Sastrei

    3D-printed monorail

    Yes, they've been hollowed out at least as much as the official pieces. Tested it out for a show. Held up to two days of constant running with no apparent issues!
  6. Sastrei

    3D-printed monorail

    Thanks solscud007 :) To 9v system, yes I wish they were only $10 too. :D I've added two new pieces of inventory to the shop, narrow gauge straight track. http://www.shapeways...Train Track&s=0 One is a regular narrow gauge straight (oddly, LEGO has never made one, just the curves and ramps), and the other is an adapter, so you can transition to regular 12V single rails, since they are cheaper. Given that they don't come in black though, I'll try to add those as another item in the future. I did test and confirm that the pieces mate together with official LEGO narrow gauge track. They lock together quite securely. -Stefan-
  7. Sastrei

    3D-printed monorail

    Polishing is probably what did it. It's mechanical polishing, so it abrades away the surface of the object, which screws up all the dimensions and tolerances. Only un-polished black and white are able to be selected for the parts I've got on Shapeways. :) Clutch power on the ends using deep studs (like those found on the monorail stanchions) is excellent, but clutch power against regular studs is good but not great. The tile recesses to lock the pieces together work very well though. I'm not sure why gray isn't one of Shapeways default material choices, but my only way to color match it currently uses a process for which the regular monorail straight is too large. I'll keep investigating! And yes, prices are higher than what I'd hoped, for exactly the reasons that coaster points out. :)
  8. Sastrei

    3D-printed monorail

    Thanks! They are on Shapeways, available in black or white. Sadly Shapeways doesn't offer gray as a default color choice for some reason, and the parts are too big for their color-matching service.
  9. Sastrei

    3D-printed monorail

    Howdy all, Finally got some 3D-printed monorail working. Created a custom half-straight as well to fill the gap between the 10" and quarter-straight sections. -Stefan-
  10. virtualrepublic - Does Modo have "baking" capabilities? And if so, is the fake bevel material you're using something that would show up in a bake to a lo-poly object? -Stefan-
  11. Sastrei

    New 2012 Train: 9467 Ghost Train

    Re: Space Police 5985 - The irony of the black cowcatcher first appearing in a space set still makes me giggle every time.
  12. Sastrei

    Bluebrick Layout Software Here's some replacement images for the 4.5v and 12v rails. -Stefan-
  13. Sastrei

    New #trains channel on EsperNet!

    EsperNet is just another irc server. If you're unfamiliar with IRC, I'd recommend looking up the Wiki entry on it, as it could explain it better than I. It should also contain information on downloading a client such as Trillian (I recommend v0.75) and connecting to the server. -Stefan-
  14. As Esper seems to be the defacto home for Lego IRC, already hosting a mecha and space channel, I thought it only fitting to create a trains channel as well. Connection info is: port 6667 #trains The channel is intended for casual discussion of lego trains and the real ones they're based off of, a place for ltc members to chat and "hang out" and for those without an ltc nearby to be able to talk to other trainheads. Discussion of town is also welcome, since the two themes go very much hand in hand. Hope to see you there soo! -Stefan-
  15. Sastrei

    BrickSpace Preview Release!

    Oops, I didn't see that Space was in a subforum of the subforum. :p If an admin could move this, I'd be appreciative. -Stefan-