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  1. legokuate

    LEGO Star Wars 2011 Pictures & Rumors

    Doesnt the Battle of Genosis is the one with Luminara?? So the only rumors confirming are the Genosian Fighter and the Podracers. How about the battle packs? Do you know something about it??? Thanks comanderneyo and Jordan.
  2. Sorry for the spiel.. I got the wrong name when I was writting. Here you have the link (is in dutch). Enjoy!!
  3. legokuate

    Pharaoh's Quest 2011

    Great pics and the new mummies and anubis are great!
  4. I know!! I thaought the same thing when I was translating it. It may be something similar.
  5. legokuate

    LEGO Star Wars 2011 Pictures & Rumors

    Now lets hope for republic commandos, now that they'll appear in the clone wars with Darth Maul.
  6. Hi everyone, I don't see anywhere, give the list of series 4. Looking around at the spiel... toy website, found the list in dutch of the series 4. Here you have translated: Thanks to Grogall -Monster -Surfer Girl + -Sailor -Kimono Girl + -Punk -Viking + -Speed Skater -Hockey Player + -Skateboarder -Man with Safety Suit + -Musketeer -Werewolf + -Artist -Mad Professor + -Soccer Player -Garden Gnome + Edit by Hinckley: Thank you Tribolego!
  7. legokuate

    LEGO Star Wars 2009 Sets and Rumours

    Did you manage to take a look of the echo base?
  8. legokuate

    2008 Picture thread

    Sorry I saw the post after writing mine . Thanks rcpek for the pics of the built AAT and the Hyena Bomber.
  9. legokuate

    2008 Picture thread

    I've been reading and listening that there is a lot of people that have the new '09 sets. Well in my personal opinion. We all like to get all kind of pics and we enjoy watching them and analizing them. (This is for all the one that already have '09 sets) Please take few pics so people that doesn´t have them, at least, we can enjoy spending a few minutes looking at them. Is differente to see a built model than a box. So please start uploading pics. Will appreciate that. Greeting,
  10. legokuate

    Choose your favourite Batman Villian!

    My vote goes to The Scarecrow. Just look at that ugly face. It's great!!!
  11. Theme Name: Dino-Wars Characters: Kull the bad caveman. Balla and Lipo the good guys. Conflict: Kull want to rule the world and dominate all the Dinosaurs. He needs to take control of the Kiltro Stone that made the Dinosaurs obey humans. He still manage to control some carnivorous Dinosaurs using hostage manners. Setting: It's a time were it takes future machinery and technology in a prehistoric world. Background Info: Humans and Dinosaurs live in peace together. Dinousars are used as vehicules of war. Triceratop with exo-eskeleton armour and plasma cannons. T-Rex with tyrydium claws and laser guns. Just imagine it!!!! , remember UTOPIA???
  12. legokuate

    Favorite Castle Minifigure of 2008

    My vote goes to ..... the green dragon. It's cool having dragon and is completly different form the one in 2007. Hope to see a blue or golden one, jajaja. To much reading the fantsy books. But still waitin' fot eh Orc Queen!!!
  13. legokuate

    Best new Star Wars Minifigure of 2008

    I must say Commander Fox and second Juno Eclipse, she is a nice addition to the Star Wars Universe chics.
  14. legokuate

    Castle sets 2008/2009

    Nice news!! I sound weird when TLC was only releasing 4 sets. Let see what set will get. My economy is going to sink, jajajaja .
  15. legokuate

    2008 Picture thread

    You can use Is the one I use, but remember that prices in Europe are higher . Converting would just give you an aproximate price.