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  1. After many months of work, I am happy to present you Hint lab ! I would love to get your input on my work :) Why ? You know it better than anyone, many people have a strong emotional attachment to our little bricks. They remind us of our childhood, they represent creative thinking etc. Lego bricks can be found in almost every home around the world. They come in many shapes and colors that make them ideal for customization and assortment. I realized a lot of people like to match their accessories to their outfits. Matching shoes to shirt, bag to watch... I wish to associate these ideas together. So I present you : Hint Lab. Hint lab is a range of jewelry in precious metal and nylon that allow you to wear Lego bricks and match them to your outfit. More HD photos here. What do you think of it ? Do you think there is a market for this kind of products ? I want to improve the range, do not hesitate to tell me if you have any suggestion :)
  2. Hi Eurobricks ! I spent the last month improving my Colorz Wearables collection over and over again. I am happy to say that I finally found the right balance between all factors (size/price/structure/resistance...) and I am very happy to finally share it with you here on Eurobricks ! I would love to get your input and ideas on this early range. The idea came when I realized lego bricks are found in almost every home. They come in great colors. What if we could use them to customize our products and accessories (bags, shoes, keys ...). What if we could wear our Lego bricks ? After a lot of testing and trying, I gave a prototype to my cousin as a bracelet for her birthday. When I saw her smile, I knew there was something to work on here. I created the Colorz wearables. A range of small accessories that allow you to use Lego bricks to customize your style. They can be attached to any little string/rope/lace/bracelet/etc. They are perfect to match your outfit with your bag or your shoes. Blue shirt ? Blue keychain ! jEkxyCL.jpg JYkOw21.jpg yx8JM1R.jpg H11qT7z.jpg 1fk1nH1.jpg zZNPgKu.jpg I would love to get your input and ideas on this. I am just starting and I have many ideas to grow this family. I already have working prototypes for rings, earrings and more. Let me know what you think ! Let me know if you are interested and we may build some together. I can also design specific stuff for your needs ! They are 3D printed in plastic, metal or precious metals at Shapeways : https://www.shapeway...z wearables&s=0 You can even engrave some with a name. If you want to try them, for Cyber monday, Shapeways offers 20% off and free shipping on any order. It means the Colorz brick slab can ship for less than 7 usd ! PS : All HD photos : http://imgur.com/a/rP8CY
  3. leoparder

    Interesting news story

    This article is shared the same day Lego posts a new commercial targeting parents/adults and talking about the creativity of Lego bricks and how the children play with them. Coincidence ? And I must say, a pretty nice video too !
  4. leoparder

    Lego Technic 2013 sets & info

    Amazon uk has them too. Pretty good price !
  5. I prefer the quality of the functions over the quantity of them. For example, 8109 had a short "2 functions" and yet, amazing set because these two are great and unique. Plus it looks good. So I think that the Unimog was also an amazing set because look was awesome and full of details, many functions with pneum+motor ! I would love to see a new "unimog" style technic. Maybe another vehicle be given the same treatment ? Partnership with the brand etc ? I would love a fire-fighter truck (functions would be so cool, and the style too !). As to the number of parts, I really don't care. A large set of 4000 parts with the quality of the 8109 or the Unimog, I would buy it for 350$ anytime. Same thing for a small one, cheaper :)
  6. leoparder

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I would love this. The imperial Shuttle was looking good, but just a little too expensive (and not impossible to get at a decent price where I am). But I think it's not old enough :P
  7. leoparder

    Lego Technic 2013 sets & info

    I think that if you lift anything with it, it will be "weighty" enough
  8. leoparder


    That is awesome ! Thank you very much.
  9. leoparder

    Which set should I buy?

    I just bought the 8109 because it is almost getting impossible to get it for correct prices (skyrocketing very fast). As the 42000 can wait a few months and maybe even get more and more promotions. In the end, I will get both :P
  10. leoparder

    Adding lights to 8109 flatbed truck

    I think this is very interesting. I don't know anything about arduino or electrical things but I have notions in code. Could you explain us a little bit the technical part ? As if I was 10 years old It looks awesome !
  11. leoparder

    Building 8258 out of other sets ?

    The prices are ridiculous !
  12. leoparder

    Building 8258 out of other sets ?

    The color is not an issue for me at this time. Plus I am sure I would really love this truck in black, grey or even yellow. The reason why I want to do it from sets like this and not buy it is because I don't know if I will keep it / I love the 8110 and would happily own 2 or 3 for parts (so cheap now) / I can build other sets easily !
  13. Hi all, I am preparing a project to save a little bit of money and introduce myself in the MOCing world. I would like to create a 8258 out of other sets I have or that I can buy for a good (cheap) price today. It is my very first project like this. I am looking for your experience and your advice I did a small research on rebrickable, to see which today's sets could be a good start to build a 8258. It happens that The Unimog 8110 coupled with the 9397 could be a really good start, with 90% of the pieces. Sounds good, the 8110 is cheap on Amazon and I don't really like the 9397. You can see here which pieces I would have and still miss with this solution : http://rebrickable.com/build_set?s=8258-1&s1=8110-1&s2=9397-1&c=3 For the pieces I would still miss (like the XL engine), I was thinking about modifying the build to try to do it with what I have, following my instinct. Or I could buy them on brickling maybe. For the colors, I don't care right now. If it really looks ugly, I will modify it afterwards. I am really looking for your advice and your help, it's a first for me. Thank you
  14. leoparder

    Sets that you keep for display !

    I think I will always keep the two ones that made me come back to Lego. The 8110 Unimog and the 8081 ExtremeCruiser. I think they look amazing (especially the Unimog) and anyone seeing it is like "wow". And it reminds me some good good memories :)