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  1. karlvador

    [LDD MOC] mini parisian restaurant

    I completed my model because I think it was lacking some details :) It's more like the thing even if I sacrified the pavement for that. What do you think ?
  2. karlvador

    [LDD MOC] mini parisian restaurant

    Hi all, This is my second mini modular, after the mini palace cinema I posted a few months ago. I just cant wait to see the actual parisian restaurant, which looks like the best modular building lego ever released. What do you think of it ? Edit : V2.0 :)
  3. karlvador

    MOC : mini modular palace cinema

    Hi, This is my first post on this wonderful forum. I spent hours amazed by all the cool creations here, you guys are artisits :) So I made a mini modular version of the new palace cinema. I didn't built it in real life (yet), this is a POV ray render... I'll build this whenever I get the chance to buy those parts ;) feel free to alter the lxf file if you want ! cinema_mini_v3.lxf