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    Toy Story discussion thread

    yea hello stop motion paradise!
  2. Clone Commander

    Future Star Wars Sets

    A set with clone flamethrowers, I just watches the Clone Wars Season 2 Trailer. WATCH IT!
  3. Clone Commander

    What are you afraid of?

    Michael Myers, Chuckie, Jason, and all of those guys.
  4. Clone Commander

    Show Your Army, Navy, and Collection Display

    My ultimate Republic ARMY! 1 Gunner Fox 1 Pilot 5 Men That Walker
  5. Clone Commander

    My Brickfilms.

    My new youtube is LegoStudios011
  6. Clone Commander

    The Five Hundred and Second

    After the Clone Wars a special unit of Kamoian clones were bred for a special reason. To rebel against the Empire, as soon as the Emperor found out about us the Empire launched a full scale invasion on Kamino. Most of the unit was slaughtered, the rest of us escaped through a tunnel that went into the ocean and onto a a stolen Acclamator ship. We had plenty of men left, and a lot of armor, some gunships and ARC troopers, actually we were all ARC's. As soon as they all left we took off. We soon joined up with the Empire fleet over Fondor. We managed to get some intel on a Super Star Destroyer, codenamed the Executor. Our ship received an order to move to Geonosis to eliminate some cloners, our Kaminoans. One of our CO's found a transmission to follow any orders that were given to us. So we were going to Geonosis. Chapter 2 Coming soon...
  7. Clone Commander

    Secret Agent Man!

    Get Smart is good. "Personal Best!"
  8. Clone Commander

    Official Lego Military/War sets?

    Hmmmm I would like to see a USMC v.s. Aliens theme.
  9. Clone Commander

    LegoStudios011 Subscribe and stay tuned I add stuff four or five times a week. Also subscribers will get the weekly newsleter. So watch and subscribe. My account is on the video but it's LegoStudios011. So thanks!
  10. Clone Commander

    Official Lego Military/War sets?

    They do and they would.
  11. Clone Commander

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Here's my wishlist. CR-20 Republic Attack Boat SPHA-T AT-XT Acclamator Assualt Ship UT-AT Republic Troop Transport ARC Special Gunship Battle Packs: Clone Space Troopers All of the unique units from Battlefront II in Phase 1 All of these sets should have phase I troopers, also a re-release of the Episode III sets for Phase I troops.
  12. Clone Commander

    Official Lego Military/War sets?

    I also kinda mean Ancient military kinda like Roman Empire
  13. Clone Commander

    Official Lego Military/War sets?

    I don't mean like WWII sets, I mean like Modern Warfare sets, like a helicopter, or maybe like an F-17 Raptor, I also like the idea of the huge Technic tank.
  14. Clone Commander

    My Brickfilms.

    Thanks dude, tell your friends about it.
  15. Clone Commander

    My Brickfilms.

    I can;t get my Brickfilms onto the forum from iMovie, so I just put them onto my YouTube account, which is StopMotionStudios1. If you really like them subscribe to me, or send me a PM and I'll tell you when I put up a new one. So check them out. PLEASE! I'm also in the process of building a website. I kinda need views so I can get my confidence back. Mostly because most of my friends hate LEGOs and whatever I do with them. So watch and enjoy. Also feel free to leave any suggestions here, and I'm beginning to create a series. So keep watching!