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  1. Sorry. My Photobucket account may have been set to private. Can people access it now?
  2. Hi everyone. Been awhile since I played with the bricks. Have made a few MOCs for the kids to play with over the school holidays. Hope you like. Was the first ship I have built that size. Quite happy with how it turned out :) I also did an Imperial supply Dock. And my own versions of Sabre Island and Skull Island. I need to get some more blue pieces so I can add some water effect to them when I want to. Bit of movement to the ocean always looks good. Some decking on the ship would be good also. Might put a bricklink order in :) Link to my photobucket account with heaps of photos. http://s289.photobuc.../?sort=3&page=1
  3. Josh

    MOC: The Collector

    This is very cool indeed ISC! What do I like? The bookcase looks ace. The Tentacles out the door Mermaid tank Dislike I want more :) The robot helpers maybe could be done in different colors to ake the parts stand out more..I mean, just not so much black maybe. Can you get brown tracks? That would look ace I reckon. Looking forward to seeing this guys house one day. I can only imagine what he has stashed in the basement and hidden up in his attic.
  4. Josh

    J.A.G. - Jedi Attack Gunship

    It does look very good indeed Kieldaman I always thought TLG did a pretty good job with this model, but you have really made it so much better with just a few nice and simple modifications. Looking forward to the Geonosis version.
  5. Josh

    Beluga Assault Troop Carrier

    A very cool design indeed I would love to see you do the same sort of thing again but maybe justa little bigger so you can add in the ramp and any other features you might of had to miss out on in favour of another. I really like the ladder setup also
  6. Josh

    Positron Assault Exo-Suit

    That's pretty cool :) A bit of a color tweak and it would be ace. I was actually trying to come up with something similar for my outpost but nothing looked half as good as what you have come up with. Nice work mate.
  7. Josh

    [MOCs] Mini Vehicles of the CIS

    Those are really great MOC's mate. Number 1 and 3 have tons of detail for the size of them.
  8. Josh

    National Lego Comp entry (Australia)

    Is there any reason why I am not gettting much critique here? Something wrong with the pics? I was really hoping for a bit more of peoples opinions on it, GOOD or BAD! This is the first really big thing I have made out of LEGO for ages...I think the last MOC was the Brothel for the CCB a while back so it was good to get the bricks out again. Anyway if you think it is CRAP please let me know and what you think could be changed etc. Talk to me peoples
  9. Josh

    Separatist Occupation

    Like I said over on RebelScum AC...LOOKS FANTASTIC! The single MOC's were awesome in themselves! But together it has now become even more epic. Really looking forward to your next setup.
  10. Josh

    RamRod MARK 1

    It looks like it could be an escape ship that detaches from my outpost Palms Looks great mate. But! Like others have said though....might have to re think the practicality of the front end a bit. That is if it is still going to be ramming things from now on
  11. Josh

    National Lego Comp entry (Australia)

    Updated my first post with Pics of the entire setup Thanks for looking!
  12. Josh

    National Lego Comp entry (Australia)

    Thanks a lot guys for the awesome comments :) Like I said I will get a load of new pics up on Monday of the whole thing + the interior ;) (GF: operations/prison cells,1F: armoury,2F: gundeck,3F: control tower/medbay) You can also take the gun off the top and pull the elevator that is inside up and down between all the floors :) And lots of things open up and reveal things for playability etc. Again! I will show you all that on Monday when I have some more time! Thanks mate :) No story really! The color was the the big thing when deciding what I could build for my entry. I decided to make something using the colors I had the most was either make a Star Wars one or a Castle/Pirates setup! Maybe will do something like that next year. In terms of the conditions of entry! You could build whatever you wanted I think. I am really looking forward to seeing what the other AFOL have come up with :) Edit : If you mean by story... What is the base meant to be? I am calling it a Clone Trooper Special Op's outpost :)
  13. Hey gang. Been a while. Thought I would share our entry for the national lego comp going on here in Australia! It is being run by Toyworld. Outpost outside: Backdoor Speeder bike maintenance area Main fuel tank Supplies etc Mech deck Turbo Lasers Flight deck with Prototype Gunship Shield Generator Yeah um one of those Mechs Doors to gundeck Inside Outpost: Elevator shaft Med-bay/control tower Gundeck Armory Operations/Dentention block
  14. Josh

    Looking for Star Wars LEGO fans

    Thanks for all the interest guys!
  15. Josh

    Happy birthday!

    Happy Birthday peoples,hope you have a good one !