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  1. Jlblue

    Three May Keep A Secret

    The only thing I would consider changing is the font size on the speech bubbles to something just a bit bigger. Other than that, all three parts are really good.
  2. Jlblue

    Three May Keep A Secret

    Wow. This is so ridiculously awesome. And beyond just being awesome, it's got substance to it. Everything about it really clicks. The narration, the quotes, the photography, it all complements the intrigue of the story. I've read three parts and already I really, really, want to know what happens. So good job.
  3. Jlblue

    Queens' Quest Chapter IV: Mist

    I guess the readers start wondering when you have so many women not serving the standard action-story role of "damsel in distress that hooks up with the male lead". But seriously, this is a really cool comic. I especially liked the set of the port with all the people bustling about.
  4. Jlblue

    Comic Index

    Also, when you get a chance, if you could add Smileville under Apocalypse.
  5. Jlblue

    Smileville [comic]

    Haha, sorry guys that I completely forgot about posting this here. But yes, it is finished (all episodes here), and I am planning on a making a new comic soon. I'm really looking forward to it, and it should be pretty awesome. Here's the preview image: So yeah, I'm psyched for that.
  6. Jlblue

    Your dream Lego theme

    Well gee, if you're going to lie to us on April Fool's day, at least make it exciting. *Goes to look up Tron on Wikipedia and find out why everybody's going crazy about it*
  7. Haha, yeah, well unfortunately you managed to put him in a comic before I could get around to it, so as far as anyone else is concerned, it's less like Newton and Leibniz inventing calculus at the same time and more like a homeless on the street looking in at a TV being displayed in a shop and screaming loudly that he was the one that invented American Idol. Anyway, looking forward to more.
  8. I don't know why, but I really, really hate the word nougat. It's just... ugh. So I voted for Sand Orange.
  9. Jlblue

    Smileville [comic]

    Once you've read the previous episodes at the link at the top, here's the latest:
  10. Jlblue

    REVIEW: 7573 Battle of Alamut

    Sigh... And I was just starting to save money by not spending so much on Lego, too... I absolutely love Seso. I'm a little fed up with my lack of variety in dark-skinned heads... perfect timing, I say.
  11. That is so awesome. That episode was literally constructed of awesome. Hue Man's return was freaking awesome, although it does make me miss his interactions with Monochromancer. Some of my favorite lines were from Monorchromancer's inner monologue that was constantly insulting Hue Man... Also, you totally stole Commander Awesome from me. Not so much the secretly being evil part, but the appearance and name party. Anyway, thumbs up as always.
  12. *Sighs deeply* Wow, reading Princess/Queen's Quest the whole way through take way longer than I expected. Totally worth it, though. Really fun to read, and becoming more and more intricate as time goes on. Personally my favorite character is Rod, just because of how much I felt bad for him for being a squire for Brickhart. That's gotta be rough. Also... it may just be me but I'm sensing... vibes... between Willow and Xulda...
  13. Jlblue

    Smileville [comic]

    I haven't posted here in a while, not since the topic for my last comic, Est. '62 sort of died off (although I did finish it, all 42 episodes are here. Yeah, it's a bit of a massive comic, but I also think it's probably the best thing I've done so far.) But I've been working on another comic for a little while now, so I figured I may as well post that here, too. Link to all the episodes.