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  1. Peeron has a good colour list noting TLG colours & Bricklink colours.
  2. If you are using this service there is a long waiting time for your order to be shipped at the moment. I placed on order on the 29th July & it has only showing up as being shipped as of this morning but I have not received the e-mial confirming this yet.
  3. RoddyMac

    Problem With 1x1 Bricks

    Some colours are more prone to it than others I believe.
  4. My apologies I hadn't looked at the picture. The problem with reading these things at midnight!
  5. Sounds like you are using the "extended theme" instead of the "standard theme", not 100% sure these ar the right names as I am not on my computer right now. With the "extended theme" the windows colour theme is black, in the "standard theme" it will be blue so that is the other way to know. You should also have the choice what theme to open it up in on the welcome screen. On the "file tabs", again can't remember which one of han it will give you an option for "theme" click on that & you will be able to change it, I do quite regularly when building. The "extended theme" has more bricks available & you can make them any colour you like with the paint tool not just the colours that they are available in.
  6. RoddyMac

    New VIP system

    Have you tried going into your account on & edit your profile there, in the 'my information' you can change your country/region. I think the VIP account should be liked & update but I can't guarantee this as I have not actually tried it.
  7. RoddyMac

    Lego City 60267 Safari Off-Roader

    I visited my local Lego store (2 hours away) on the 2nd January & picked it up along with a few other sets. Looking at the set earlier this evening I realised the brackets wouldn't work as I had thought, might just forget the 2no 2x3 plates on each side & just use a set of doors, I could even use the ones from 6267.
  8. RoddyMac

    Lego City 60267 Safari Off-Roader

    I built this the other day & thought the same thing as you, for a 6wide vehicle there is very little internal space. I had originally thought it used the brackets you liked to these ones before I bought the set. I have been mod-ing most of my 6 wide vehicles & rebuilding some of my older 4 wide to 6 wide to take 2 mini figs side by side
  9. RoddyMac

    [MOC] Apartment building

    I saw this on Instagram yesterday but couldn't find the original post. It's an awesome build!
  10. RoddyMac

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    Visited my nearest Lego shop in Glasgow two weeks ago, finally got round to sorting out what I picked up from the PAB wall. 20181113_211737 by Roddy MacLeod, on Flickr 81 1x2 White Bricks 77 1x2 Navy Blue bricks 210 1x2 Navy Blue plates 92 1x3 Tan Plates 91 1x4 White Plates 93 2x4 Tan Plates 127 1x1 Lt Grey Round Plates 18 1x1 Lt Grey Round Brick 4 4x8 Black Plates 3 3x6 Lt Grey Wedge Plates Left 3 3x6 Lt Grey Wedge Plates Right 14 1x2 Black Modified plates with Bar 16 Green Plant stems 34 Yellow Round Flowers with 5 petals 78 White Round Flowers with 5 petals I have priced this up from S@H & it comes to £77.25, not a bad haul for £11.99
  11. RoddyMac

    2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    The baby's body does look a very light green to me. I am really liking the look of the new mountain bike!
  12. Right mouse click on the desktop icon, select 'properties', in the Run menu select 'Maximised', the click OK. Should run maximised/full screen all the time.
  13. RoddyMac

    2016 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I saw it for sale in my local TRU in Scotland at the weekend & it has the 1st June as the release date on the UK Lego SAH site. I don't know if the US release dates will be the same or not.
  14. RoddyMac

    MOC Museum of Civilization

    Great building. Does it have a bit of ghost problem? 'You would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for those meddling kids!'
  15. RoddyMac

    2016 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Could it not be a batton/night stick instead of a gun?