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  1. red-dwarfs-chief-legoer

    Lego lover's minifigs drawings

    wow these are great, i thought u would get banned if you stated your younger than 18... im 15 but have been covering up for a while cuase i really enjoy this forum
  2. red-dwarfs-chief-legoer


    this is great! its so simple yet so effective, just from looking at it i can tell exactly how is made! you should make diffrent types in diffrent colours
  3. red-dwarfs-chief-legoer

    TUTORIAL: How to print decals

    I HAVE AN UPDATE!! if your usibng windows 7 you need to change the percentage and not the size
  4. red-dwarfs-chief-legoer

    freaky bear decal!

    hello! this is a decla i made ina bout 5 minutes after finding an appropriate pciture! this bears name is not freaky bear but his real name has a kinda swear word in so i dont want to get banned :D, people who have seen this ebar befor shall tremble and newbies will wonder what he has to hide:
  5. red-dwarfs-chief-legoer

    Doctor Who Decals

    iv got one here if you want to use it:
  6. red-dwarfs-chief-legoer

    Doctor Who Decals

    so if anyone wants a request just ask and then if we both make a decal then they can choose the best then we post that one ps im really new to!
  7. red-dwarfs-chief-legoer

    Doctor Who decals

    Greetings earthling! I have recently been caught in the doctor who craze and I love it! I have decided to make my own decals using paint, so here they are! Doctors 9th doctor (shirt red n' green) 23rd may 2010 11th doctor (bow tie red n' blue) 23rd may 2010 enemies new series cyberman (chest C open and closed) 25 may 2010
  8. red-dwarfs-chief-legoer

    Doctor Who Decals

    greetings! i come from the planet gallifray with decals for you to see! na im kidding (of course) i really like these decals and they inspired me to do my own: 9th doctor torso (green n blu shirt) 11th doctor torso (red n blu ties) i really like your decals and as we both use paint i think it qould be pretty good if we work together on requests, if you want a partnership just tell me and we can start working on huge projects!
  9. red-dwarfs-chief-legoer

    ValVe decals

    main post edited! new spy face decal i thought i would try making my first ever face decals using paint. i think it came out alright but it could probably be done better by other people, i used a little graph i amde for figures faces and if you like the decal and would like to sue it go ahead and ask!
  10. red-dwarfs-chief-legoer

    ValVe decals

    main post updated! new decal i also would like some help with these, if anyone is willing to make face decals for any of the charecters that would be great!
  11. red-dwarfs-chief-legoer

    ValVe decals

    MAIN POST EDITED! new decal dates for decal added the new decal is of the engineer from tf2. admitedly i dont like this as much as the rest so please tell me if you think so to. :D
  12. red-dwarfs-chief-legoer

    new and only 1 post!

    hello im new to this forum with only 1 post. i mainly make decals and you can see my first decal topic here: i have a quick question: how do i change the name of a topic once it is posted, i want to add the date edited on the title thanks for the help ben avison
  13. red-dwarfs-chief-legoer

    ValVe decals

    MAIN POST EDITED! new decal fixed link
  14. red-dwarfs-chief-legoer

    ValVe decals

    Thanks for all the kind words! 1. my name on steam is doctorgoo, i only have gmod and tf2 but id be happy to play with you 2. anyone can use these decals for there own personal use but there are 2 things you must obey, the first is to not claim them as your own and the second is that when youv used them you must post a vid or picture of them so ic an see if they look good! if you want any spercific decals please simply ask and ill happily make them, if not ill simply keep making them at my own accord lots of thanks Ben Avison
  15. red-dwarfs-chief-legoer

    ValVe decals

    yer it is, thanks for the kind words