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    LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    Really try to get into Nexo Knight but I think the whole theme is a mess. The 'awesome' villains or minifigs are only found in the expensive sets which in my opinion is bad marketing and the reason why I gave up on this theme. Lego take notes, not everyone watches the TV shows. If you want your 'Action' theme to do well in the future (and we all know how we are a sucker for awesome minifigures), you need to mix up the fig a bit and not just have the nice cool minifigures in the expensive sets. I want to buy some of the sets in the 'lighting wave' because they have cool minifigures, but cannot justify spending minimum $50-80 just to get one fig. And when you look on ebay or bricklink, a lot of the good figures are not listed because no one is buying the expensive set to get a cool minifigure.
  2. Ed3n

    Lego BrickHeadz 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    I thought I would never be into brickheadz, but out of curiousity, I bought my first two yesterday, captain America and iron man and now I'm hooked. They are simple yet charming. I want to collect them all. It's such a shame that I could never complete them as the comic con and special promotion ones are hard to get and extremely expensive on ebay or the likes. I've seen the leaked of the justice leagues. Although the pics are not very clear, in my opinion, they're not as good as series 1. Aquaman just looks terrible, like a sad uncle. What is with the moustache? Wonderwoman is not as good as the comic con's one, but good enough. Flash and Cyborg is a pass for hardcore collectors. Kylo ren looks quite good and I don't think Rey looks that good. I'll wait for more pics before I make my final judgement to purchase or not. It's a shame that Boba is a promotional fig as I think he looks the best out of what have been released so far. I hope Lego continue to release more brickheadz with different licence characters. Looking forward to official pics to confirm series 2. By the way, what is everyone's favourite brickheadz? Beside the ones that are hard to get.
  3. Ed3n


    For me, it has to be the palaeontologist. She just seems special to me. Love the hair-hat combinations as well as the fossil, easily fit into any dinosaur/Jurassic theme.
  4. To me, the tiki warrior is one of the best minifigures ever made if not the best. Just look at the details of the mask! Simply amazing, great army buildings that's for sure and of my favourite for all time. I hope he wins.
  5. Ed3n


    I voted for the baseball player, simple but effective and who doesn't like baseball. The others I like are the kendo and hippie. But the baseball player to me is a more likable figure.
  6. Ed3n


    The conquistador is a well executed minifig so my vote goes to him although the judge and spy were also very close behind him.
  7. Ed3n


    Coincidently my next favourite on this list after the tribal woman is Santa.
  8. Ed3n


    Damn I really like the tribal woman but the winner goes to.... the elf.
  9. Ed3n


    Wizard for sure.
  10. Ed3n


    Ooh I have 3 favourites in this list, if I have to pick one, it would have to be the painter.. sigh
  11. Ed3n

    Ideas for CMFs

    Oh my gosh, your design are absolutely amazing!! If only lego mini figures are as good as your design. Lego should definitely employ you. Hopefully some of your design will become actual mini figure someday.
  12. Ed3n

    CMF Series 18 guessing game!

    Here are my guesses: 1) Centaur - not going to give up on this one 2) Matador 3) Terracotta Warrior 4) Troll 5) Prince charming 6) Giraffe or Elephant for next animal suit 7) A man or woman of a particular nationality with an animal (hopefully the french man in S17 is the beginning of this new trend) 8) Doctor 9) A mythology hero 10) A ming dynasty soldier or warrior 11) A puppeteer 12) An evil queen 13) Space alien leader 15) Dragon slayer 16) Basketball player
  13. I've been following this thread closely. Very disappointed that we are not getting a matador - this was one of the figure I wanted most, along with the centaur and terracotta warrior. Lego if you read this, please take note. I'm not giving up hope that this will happens one day. Just like I thought Lego would never made a medusa and a satyr and they did. Keep up the awesome work. By the way, the corn suit guy is nicely done, I agree that something about the short sleave and colour of the pant don't look quite right. But still a very good figure at the end and deserve to be in my collection as many.
  14. Not a car enthusiast, but this is a thing of beauty! Must have and possibly a day one purchase to add to my collection. The shaping and everything about it is perfect. To me, the best creator car so far. Well done to the Lego Designer.
  15. Are you just teasing us and being sarcastic or do you have some insider info on the new Disney series?