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  1. No way. In Italy there is not a LEGO official store, and also there isn't a "culture" of bricks.

    By the way You can try to find some set at Esselunga (Corso Traiano,Torino). Here in Milan the same store have some set (star wars-city-super heros) with 20%/30% discount

    Otherwise, You can try at Lingotto ( Inside You can find the Toys Center (many set at official price)


  2. Nice little MOC you have there! If you have the part, you should use a 6x8 Trans-Yellow plate for a roof. But yes, looks very good!

    Hi Galaxy Explorer,

    thank you for you hint.

    Yes I have some of these plate, and I will use for the roof, so maybe I can put also a radar and some other things!

  3. gallery_2351_18_164.gif


    he is my last creation. Mars base LL918

    Yesterday I spent five hours to catalogue my LEGO bricks, and I found a lots bricks from the old LEGO Spaces.

    So here is my little MOC, made only with LEGO Spaces bricks.

    Thanks for watching :)

    Ale "FunkyGallo"