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  1. funkygallo

    Confirmed: 10242 Mini Cooper

    I will buy when will be available!
  2. funkygallo

    [GNAR] Barqan Dromon

  3. funkygallo

    Lego stores in Turin

    No way. In Italy there is not a LEGO official store, and also there isn't a "culture" of bricks. By the way You can try to find some set at Esselunga (Corso Traiano,Torino). Here in Milan the same store have some set (star wars-city-super heros) with 20%/30% discount Otherwise, You can try at Lingotto ( Inside You can find the Toys Center (many set at official price) Ciao
  4. funkygallo

    MOC: Hadrian's Wall

    BELLISSIMO!!! - (Amazing)
  5. funkygallo

    MOC: The Temple of the Twin Jaguars

    wow amazing!!!!
  6. Ciao, yesterday I received this italian press kit from LEGO. As You can see into the box there is a LEGO USB card with press stuff and one LEGO Star Wars Microfighters Set
  7. funkygallo

    MOC: Crater of Doom

    Really impressive!
  8. funkygallo

    New York Toy Shops and Tax

    Hi, I'm interested too, because I will be in NY at the and of August (And Everithing After). So any hints where buy LEGO (and polybags) are welcomed! Ciao
  9. funkygallo

    Lucky LEGO finds

    Hi just found on my parents house the most old polybag, from my collection in MISB condition :) Made by LEGO in 1996.
  10. funkygallo

    MOC: Modular Coffee bar

    I really like the tree, anyhow great MOC!
  11. funkygallo

    Gruhzak Gur - Orc fortification

    Great MOC!
  12. funkygallo

    [MOC] Lone Ranger - Do not touch the booty!

    You are right...but when I made the moc, I don't have any others half-arch in my lego collection :(
  13. Ciao a tutti! This is my last MOC, ispired from Lone Ranger theme. The MOC name is: Do not touch the booty Made ​​with less than 50 bricks. Other photo in fliker photodtrem: Thank you for watching. Ale (FunkyGallo)
  14. funkygallo

    Indiana Jones 5 by Migalart

    really great job! So please Lego, make some othe Indiana Jones set!