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  1. A sidenote. I have the feeling that these topics just reflect the demand for a special kind of model-detail within the community not being satisfied by lego. More and more AFOLs seem to go „the moc-way“ instead of praying to Billund in order to fulfill their dreams ;-). From my point of view we could whitness something similar in the technic theme. So - i have a feeling that a demand for such a support-forum or subforum will likely increase then decrease in the future...
  2. FrankusFurtus

    What UCS has not been done? (MOC or SET)

    What about everybodys darling (allthough - since TCW-Series i made my Freedom with him).. jar jar binks?
  3. FrankusFurtus

    [MOC] [Instructions] UCS Zeta-class cargo shuttle

    Just received my copy of the instructions today. From first look they receive a clear "double thumbs up" from my point of view. After importing the parts list into BrickStore i let the prog calculate an overall estemated price range for all parts. The model seems to be in the 600 € range (all parts in new condition, not including the necessary porto for needed bricklink orders). Time and several bricklink orders will tell if this price indication is valid or not ?.
  4. FrankusFurtus

    RIP Princess Leia

    Although this is a lego oriented Site.... May the force stay with you. RIP
  5. FrankusFurtus

    Review REVIEW: 75098 Assault on Hoth

    Thx for the review! I assume it isnt easy to develop a as neutral as possible pont of view when begining a review of a set which received tons of negative oppinions line this one. I personally like this set because of: 1. Its the first star-wars ucs which aint is an insta-buy (hurray - saves money) 2. Other themes offer coool sets as well (2016h2 technic sets, Ghostbustsers HQ, Big Ben just to name a view... ) 3. Last but not least - without getting this years Star Wars UCS - satisfaction (till now... Snowspeeder, where are you?) the eye of Sauron is targeting on something else which can satisfy an AFOLs Star Wars UCS needings (me looks at mortesv Redemption MOC :-)).
  6. Simply great - cannot await to get the instructions... But R2 is a bit out of scale
  7. FrankusFurtus

    [MOC] NEW UCS Nebulon B - Medical Frigate 'Redemption'

    ... This .... Is .... Absolutely ... Amazing.... Count me in when it comes to find some AFOLs to rebuild this beauty when the instruction/ldd and parts list will be published.
  8. FrankusFurtus

    Review: LEGO Ideas #007 Exosuit

    Same here - this time lego was lightning fast (germany <- me is)