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  1. I was pretty sure I'll get this set even when I saw the preliminary pictures and videos. I was even surer when I read through your review. Then I saw the comparison with 8265 (which I own and loved) and there's not a doubt in my mind I'm getting this set. If for nothing else then for the PF stuff. I guess no V2 receiver's for me... Unless I get the crawler too. Thanks for the review!
  2. Marin Stipković

    Trophy Truck

    Looks great and seems to be performing well on downhill sections, but what about uphill?
  3. Marin Stipković

    Legoland Miniland Billund car Moc competiton - Winner(s)

    Congratulations to the winner(s)!
  4. Marin Stipković

    Legoland Miniland Billund car Moc competiton - entries!

    Here's Seat Altea Freetrack.
  5. Marin Stipković

    Review Review: 60016 Tanker Truck

    Very nice review, Rufus. I'd just like to refer to this part: I don't think it was a joke so I must say - that type of a recovery truck is quite common in certain parts of the world:
  6. Marin Stipković

    A tribute to R2-D2 in 6 acts

    Simply beautiful!
  7. Marin Stipković

    MOC: Lamborghini Countach LP500S

    Wow! Stunning!
  8. Marin Stipković

    The firetruck "Red" from Pixar's "Cars"

    This is beautiful, bravo!
  9. Marin Stipković

    REVIEW: 3061 City Park Café

    Anyone noticed the new pushbroom mold? Or is it just me? I wish I had the one on the pictures to compare... I like the set, as well as the rest of Friends sets.
  10. Marin Stipković

    REVIEW: 8110 Unimog U400

    @LEGOMAN132: That's right, it's modular.
  11. Marin Stipković

    REVIEW: 8110 Unimog U400

    Yes, it will definitely. Plus the PPTO has "round" ends so as to slip the hose easily whereas a regular 3L hose has flat (straight cut) ends.
  12. Marin Stipković

    REVIEW: 8110 Unimog U400

    @tripletschiee: 2) Yes, forgot to mention it but I didn't mind because it's just an error in the instructions, not the model itself. 4) I believe so. As I mentioned earlier, it's really really really hard to steer it in place. All of the axles bend so much it's a pain to do it. 5) I was thinking about that too. The pistons really do move too slowly. 6) I thought it had something to do with how easily a child could press those parts together but it didn't make sense. 7) Wow! I totally missed that!
  13. Marin Stipković

    REVIEW: 8110 Unimog U400

    @Seluryar: No. All of them have been withdrawn, fixed and sent back to stores so there shouldn't be a faulty one in any store anymore.