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    New Lego stores opening in 2013

    Why can't TLG open a store in Australia, I hear wonders of the mysterious pick a brick wall, and the closest I can get is resellers.
  2. loafofcheese

    Minifigure Ranks

    The red guy dying is a reference to star trek TOS, where on every away team, a red shirted ensign would die first.
  3. I can testify that colgate toothpaste doesn't work, even with an electric toothbrush for scrubbing, however, Jif cleaning product does.
  4. loafofcheese

    Galaxy Squad set suggestions

    I'd like something inspired by XCOM, like a dropship or something.
  5. Just a quick vignette I wanted to do, I apologise for the lack of quality in both the build and in photography. "I'm sorry sir, I can't take that contract for three reasons- 1; I am not a hitman, I have standards, 2; I am not a mercenary, I kill only one target, 3; I'm not a bounty hunter, I take my payment before the kill. Now leave, or I shall be forced to disembowel you with my katar."
  6. loafofcheese

    Incvisitor's room

    Nice Inquisitor, now all we need is some Sororitas and an IG regiment and we shall be set, My Commissar will command.
  7. loafofcheese

    What is the best brickarms weapon?

    I arm my sharp dressed man with an M21, and my Mafia hitman with a M1928 Tommy gun, but the thompson is probably better.
  8. loafofcheese

    MOC: Octan petrol station

    Looks suspiciously similar to the Woolworth's petrol station near my house.
  9. loafofcheese

    MOC - Orca Rescue Plane & Carrier

    Reminds me of the STAG Condor from Saints Row 3, I love it!
  10. This is a set of customs I've been working on over the past week, They include some video game characters, a TV character, a webcomic character, a tabletop game character, and two other original customs. This is my Warhammer 40000 Commissar, he is armed with a brickarms apoc SMG and a brickarms chainblade. The coat is from a castle set and the hat is a badly customised police cap. This is my Duke Nukem fig, ironically, he took the least time to make, unlike his latest game. This is my Gordon Freeman fig, equipped with a gravity gun and wearing a HEV suit. This is my commander William Riker fig. the torso is custo, with black sharpie (hence the lack of quality) This is Death of insanely overpowered fireballs, from Irregular Webcomic, I will say that I copied exactly the authors design, and that this fig is entirely unoriginal. This is my 1920s gangster, equipped with a Brickarms Thompson M1928 SMG, he's about to fit some chumps for some concrete shoes. This is a Mannequin, and probably my laziest Custom minifig. Please give Comments and Criticism. I hope you enjoyed these.
  11. loafofcheese

    (MOC) Space Marine Squad, Eldritch lurker (Minifig Scale)

    Thank you for the feedback, I don't have a great selection of same coloured pieces, so my models end up covered in rainbow parts.
  12. This was just a quick build for my prototype tabletop wargame, I was trying to make a squad that could concievably be part of a futuristic millitary force, and I needed neutral creatures to make it more interesting. These hardy marines are 5 of the different troop classes- Flying marine in archangel armour, armed with a bayoneted spiker, a quad barreled machine gun weilding heavy marine, what appears to be an imperial pilot is really an infliltration marine, The marine with the plasma gun with a disc magazine is an Anti-Air marine, and the troop with a wrench is a combat engineer. This is an Eldritch lurker, built entirely out of greebles, It was designed to look semi robotic, and also very organic. Please give feedback and commentary