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  1. djo

    MOC: The Monkey King

    Thank you for the side view. I guess it's the hardest part to scuplture and you managed it very well. Two thumbs up.
  2. djo

    MOC: The Monkey King

    Awesome creation. You are really master of sculpture. I wonder with this kind of massive size, how can you transport this masterpiece? And can you share the inside structure view? Is there any side view of the model?
  3. djo

    Apartment block

    nice apartment design. the color scheme also great. just one comment, the entrance looks like the back door. is it common to see apartment entrance like that in your city? sorry if any unpleasant words. regards, djo.
  4. djo

    Modular Building 10218 Pet Shop

    modular building sets always made me excited and amazed. but this 10218 is a little bit disappointed. the design looks like CC and GG in half size. and the box art designer forgot to put the building name on it.
  5. i don't know how much discount they have there. but if they're discounted 50% off or greater, i'll pick them for the needed parts, and sell the unusable parts. just my two cents.
  6. djo

    Eurobricks: Strategic change!

    now i have to unbright my monitor display due to eye sore for today. thanks God it's only today.
  7. djo

    Eurobricks: Strategic change!

    is it just me not seeing the pink theme?
  8. djo

    REVIEW: 3661 Bank & Money Transfer

    nice review. very informative pictures. that sticker is really big and disappointing. i like the van and car design, minus the doors. love that ponytail hair, is it new mold?
  9. awesome, i'm very excited and can't wait until this program really launched. the advanced rendering looks very interesting. any date of launch?
  10. djo

    Best Monorail

    i like all but 6399 is the best in term of playability, color scheme and design.
  11. djo

    Lego MOC - 4210 Catwalk Show

    great MOC you've made. the MOC itself really represent official LEGO design style. simple and playful. awesome work.
  12. djo

    Minifig Skirts

    nice idea indeed. maybe usage of plastic material will make the skirts have the LEGO feeling. but i'm sure they're difficult to made compare to paper. i hope LEGO will hear us and make the skirt mould.
  13. djo

    Pillow fight!

    funny. thanks to knight bus too.
  14. djo

    MOC: Super Truck Racing

    interesting SNOT. maybe a pair of doors will make it nicer. do you have any reference picture for this MOC or you just made from your imagination? nice truck anyway.
  15. djo

    REVIEW: 3182 Airport

    too bad, the online copy still not come up yet. looks like we've to wait for now.