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  1. MillerTime

    LEGO LotR - general discussion

    The 3 week old account who is posting this saying his "friend" who sent him photos won't get in trouble if someone on the internet sees and describes all the sets and the "set info", but will get in trouble if he posts the pictures he is describing, and also choosing all of the sets everyone on here wants in one single wave (when they don't even relate to one another), and posts prices, which wouldn't be made anyway even if the sets were true, and then posts some prices ending in .99 and some ending in .00...I find it a little ridiculous that some of you can't see this is obviously made up.
  2. MillerTime

    LEGO Sets/Parts Never Released into Production

    Very informational. I played Lego Island as a kid and have always wanted to recreate the entire island out of legos (like that would ever happen!) Earlier this year I actually made a cover for the best Lego Island song (the Hospital song) To anyone who has ever played the game, enjoy! :)
  3. MillerTime

    LEGO Ship Inventory

    And let us know if they answer!
  4. MillerTime

    Whats the BEST deal you ever found?

    There have been many, many, many over the that pops out right away is this: Target exclusive #4534 train set... I found this on a shelf years was not in their system. (had no idea what it retailed for at the time either) Brought it up to the cashier, she radioed to a manager who looked up the bar code further in their system, and said over the radio...$40, 75% off. Both me and the cashier thought she meant 75% off of the $40...I didn't understand how it was so cheap but got it for $10. Later I realized it retailed for $160 and the $40 was the clearance price, not the price to take 75% off of...oops. (I was probably like 13 years old) When Lego clearanced out their 9v train track....I bought about a dozen of the 4515 straight rails for my them for $4.23 a piece. I ended up selling a few left over that I never opened on Amazon for about $75 a piece last year. Lots of garage sales and random other finds as well....about a month ago a friend of mine found a large box of random sets for $40...he called me up straight from the garage sale and said there were "train parts" in it. He then said "she wants $40 for it and she won't budge...oh I see a part that says "Santa Fe"." At that point I was like "BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I told him I would pay him for the box but he ended up just giving it to my since it was my birthday the week before. I still haven't really looked through much of it since I've been so busy, but there are instructions for the Sante Fe engine (and the engine is about 95% built), the large train shed, another train set, and random other sets and pieces. This should definitely turn out to be one of my top finds once I get some time to look through it.
  5. MillerTime

    10155 Maersk Line Container Ship

    Anyone? Is this not gonna be released to the public?
  6. MillerTime

    10155 Maersk Line Container Ship

    Anyone know anything new on this? Release date? Availability?
  7. MillerTime

    10155 Maersk Line Container Ship

    Anyone have any tips for the retail price on this?
  8. MillerTime

    Old Minifigs vs. New Minifigs

    The new ones seem too cartoonish. I prefer the old but the majority here disagree....suit yourself.
  9. MillerTime

    10155 Maersk Line Container Ship

    I haven't been this existed over a new set since I heard pirates were coming back! And those turned out to be major disappoints in my book....I've been wanting this set for years!
  10. MillerTime

    Biggest Set?

    What's the smallest set? And by set I mean something the majority of us would consider an official set, not some spare part or something strange lego produced. I'm thinking it must be one of the 15 piece sets with 1 minifigure?
  11. MillerTime

    REVIEW - 6263 Imperial Outpost

    I've found about half of auctions claiming to be complete are not. One set I got a few weeks ago claimed to be 99% complete, and was missing 89 pieces (it's a 600 piece set!) Just make sure to build everything you get off ebay and if it's missing quite a bit, have them send you replacement parts or get a partial refund.
  12. MillerTime

    [MOC] Star Wars Kart 2.0

    Fantastic! I have no suggestions this time. You nailed it.
  13. MillerTime

    REVIEW - 6277 Imperial Trading Post

    Old sets like this go for much, much more with the boxes (especially if they're in great condition) So, lots of people buy boxes individually to put with the set they're selling. You could probably get a pretty good price for the box itself (I have no idea just throwing out a rough guess...range might be $20-30?)
  14. MillerTime

    Best Lock Pirates - A review

    Hahaha I saw March 28th as the date (which is today) for the first post but didn't see it was from 2006! 4 years old....I was wondering why the pictures wouldn't show.
  15. MillerTime

    [MOC] Star Wars Kart

    Haha wasn't thinking! I'm not sure what other colors for a OT figure he could do.....