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    Kendrick's House (built by my little bro)

    I looked at "Kendrick's Journey" first, and thought that was impressive... But this is amazing!
  2. This is a great job for any age! Let alone 11... The force is strong with this one.
  3. I can't pick a favourite! These are amazing man. The playability and cockpits are all so well done. Great job!!!
  4. B34TBOXX5

    [MOC] Steampunk Slave 1 (mini scale)

    Great job with the swivelling engines/propellers. It's a very plausible VTOL setup. The fold-out cannon is an awesome feature too! Excellent work man!!!
  5. B34TBOXX5

    Episode III - the birth of Vader

    Absolutely stunning!!! Great great work
  6. That "Dark Horn" is a brute!!! They're all great, good job!
  7. B34TBOXX5

    [MOC] Steam Battlesuit Gnomeregan-1

    Man your "draft" is spectacular. Great job!!!
  8. The future. The world is overrun by zombies. (We're talking 28 Days later/World War Z zombies, not slow stumbling ones.) How can I keep my gf and two dogs safe??? My first thought is either by air, or by sea... A flying boat it is! I made this over the past month or so, I hope you like it! C&C welcome and appreciated (Sorry for the picture quality!) The Pelican On either side of the fuselage is an escape hatch, and a canopy Powered by two massive custom engines, with wide props designed for maximum pull In between the engines on the top of the plane is a custom quad-tank Nitrous injector which feeds directly into each engine. Quick getaways are a must when there are zombies in pursuit... Also helps in situations where there isn't much water to take off from. Behind the Nitrous injector is a small communications array In the rear is a ramp which descends to unload the Rhino (we'll get to the Rhino in a bit) In between the engines is the observation deck/quarters On the right is a computer, in the middle is the bed, and on the left is a telescope for making sure there is none of the undead lurking on the shore... The Interior In the front of course, is the flight deck On the left of the interior is the armoury On the right is the medical station, with a stretcher and the critical syringes of anti-bite for when a zombie gets a little too close... In the rear is the Rhino bay What could that small opening above the floor be??? That's right! You guessed it! The doghouse! Let's open the hatch and have a look inside... Half of the inside is the doghouse, with an A/C/Heater unit. There is also a food dish, and a water bowl which feeds from a tank in the cabin The other half is shared by the Nitrous tank recharge station, and the safe. (I know, who needs treasure in the apocalypse, but whatever!) The rear section is reserved for my all terrain vehicle, the Rhino. The Rhino The engine, as you could have guessed has a Nitrous tank for quick boosts of speed when needed And away we go! Thanks for looking! To end things off, I made a small diorama so we could slaughter some zombies... I prefer the shotgun approach... While my beb prefers the flamethrower Thanks for checking it out!!!!!
  9. B34TBOXX5

    [MOC] Post-Apoc Transport "The Pelican"

    Yeah, there aren't really any weapons on the plane I should have added a turret or something... Thanks for the input Zenn, I already took it apart but I definitely will take your advice and separate the colours better for my next MOC! Thanks man!!
  10. B34TBOXX5

    [MOC] Armed Drone and Communications Station

    The drone is great! That small Comm station reminds me of a piece which would accompany a battle pack... which given your description, makes sense!
  11. B34TBOXX5

    [MOC] ATV-4 "Albert Einstein"

    Hahaha I thought the same thing 100%! I opened the topic and thought "Hmmm well where's the Lego version?" Absolutely outstanding work man!!!
  12. B34TBOXX5

    Adult minifig collectors aren't AFOLs

    I would say you're an "adult fan of certain components to do with lego such as but not limited to minifigs but still collect sets as well" or an AFOCCTDWLSABNLTMBSCSAW.
  13. B34TBOXX5

    [MOC] Post-Apoc Transport "The Pelican"

    Thanks Man!!! Hahaha this "rainbow moc" thing is killing me... I guess I should have toned it down a bit. I wanted to add greens because the hull is green, the reds are from the engines and the small "Canadian Flags", as well as the details inside the canopy. As I was building it all of the colours made sense to me, but looking at the plane from a distance now I should have made them flow a bit better. But I know for next time!!! Thanks for the nice words, Grazingcattle
  14. B34TBOXX5

    Piston Hover Pickup Truck

    Where do I begin?!? The way you did the small lights in the front, in behind the minifig-backpack pieces, the pics on your flickr showing the detail of the tank in the bed of the truck, the roof, the... everything! One question, what is the small decal on the back window? Also, you should include the pic of the undercarriage, the detail is phenomenal. Awesome work man!
  15. B34TBOXX5

    Assault on the Underworld 2

    Man I love love love this. I was always fascinated by the battle between angels and demons, heaven and hell, whatever you want to call it. I loved the parts in the movie "Legion" that showed the angels fighting. (Even though the movie itself was not very good). The contrast of colours, the use of parts, the lighting on your original "assault on the underworld"... These are in my top 5 favorite Lego creations I've ever seen.
  16. B34TBOXX5

    Life(ish) sized Robin-Mobile

    Hey Batman, what do you think of your sidekick?
  17. B34TBOXX5

    MOC - Iron Man Hulk Buster MK2

    Very cool man! I like the pics that show how the armour unfolds to let him out. You did a great job on that
  18. This is awesome man!!! You did an amazing job on his weapons. I love the sound effect they used for the tank in the comic... "SKRRRAANCH!"
  19. B34TBOXX5

    "Best" Darth Vader minifig

    I have a couple different Darth Vaders, but a great addition to my collection was the Anakin/Vader from the 8096 Palpatine's Shuttle.
  20. B34TBOXX5

    10178 AT-AT with turning circle

    That is amazing. Not only does it steer it, but it also gives the impression that the AT-AT is swinging it's head to target something. Great work!!!
  21. B34TBOXX5

    Finally Finalized... Buzz!

    Those legs are outstanding! Very organic feel to the whole thing. The "snare" is really cool too, I like how you spaced those yellow pieces, gives it a wasp-y colour scheme. Awesome work!!!
  22. B34TBOXX5

    [MOC] Post-Apoc Transport "The Pelican"

    Thanks guys! I built the Rhino before the plane was finished, and had to modify the back end to be taller to accommodate it. I wanted a vehicle to be able to come out of the back, but it ended up being larger than I intended...
  23. B34TBOXX5

    Angles of Light

    Wow. That is impressive! I like the glow-in-the-dark pic you have on your flickr too. What are those bumpy pieces traveling along the edge of the angles on the bottom? Amazing work as always!
  24. B34TBOXX5

    Talking about your city's special food

    Awwww man now I'm hungry. We have "Philly Cheesesteaks" on the menu at all our Pubs and Bar & Grills up here in Halifax, Nova Scotia... But I can almost guarantee they're nothing like the ones made in Philadelphia!