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  1. GC8Monkey

    MOC: Avenue Saint-Jacques

    It has been a while since I stopped by these forums and Wow! Was I blown away by this MOC. Simply beautiful. One of the nicest modular buildings I have seen. I really like the subway entrance as it really captures the feel of the Parisian underground and its wrought iron.
  2. As soon as I saw Vader on the bike, I couldn't help but think of my avatar pic. It's nice to see that we can see humour in the same thing. Hehehe. Betcha mine would win in a race though.
  3. GC8Monkey

    New modular building? 10224 Town Hall

    I am really looking forward this this new modular set. I can see some of the nods that were made to the town hall building in the town plan set from a few years back. It is nice to see a fully realized City Hall. I still can't believe how big it is compared to the other buildings. Quite the monster set. This may be jumping the gun but I am hoping for a police precinct next.
  4. I bumped into these today at my local Walmart. Managed to find everything aside from the Centurion and Lady Liberty. I quickly popped into an Indigo bookstore and was lucky enough to find the last two for completion of the set. Now that I have them I can say I really like the clockwork robot and the mechanic. Lego put together one of the strongest series yet with this one. Really good selection of characters. Now to find some more centurions and and robots for some army building.
  5. GC8Monkey

    10218 Pet Shop

    Simply beautiful. I am really looking forward to adding this to my modular street. Some great details. I love the fish tank. I like the fact that this set can break up the street a bit, with it being two smaller buildings rather than one large one. Good choice on the part of the designers.
  6. GC8Monkey

    Review: Alien Space Ship 30070

    Great review. Across the pond in Canada, I just found the alien ship at my local Toys R Us. $4.99 for one and still the best way to get the LGM. Simple build but effective none the less. I like it and it allows me to have an army of LGM at a more reasonable price than getting them in the larger sets. It might just be hard to find for some though.
  7. GC8Monkey

    REVIEW: 8683 LEGO Minifigures Series 1

    For all the Canucks here, I just spotted these in my local Walmart here in Vancouver. I grabbed some for myself and picked up some more for my nephews. I would say the figures a fairly good quality. Not as nice as the regular figs that come in the sets but still very good. The legs don't seem to be as tight. All in all though, a very nice set of unique figs that will add to anyones collection. I was pleased with my purchase. Love the Robot. By the way Walmart is selling them for CAN $2.86 each. Cheers.
  8. GC8Monkey

    10185 Green Grocer Review

    I was just on Shop@Home and it is listed as backordered and will ship in June. There is still a chance for all of you that have yet to buy this wonderful set. Cheers!
  9. GC8Monkey

    MOC: Curling

    I love it! This really is very accurate. The Stone is sweet and the house is really well done. It really captures the action of the sport in one picture. Does your team have the hammer?
  10. GC8Monkey

    MOC: CC style Corner Chinese Restaurant

    Wow! A very unique buiding. I would have to say I like the third one the most. The black windows on the second floor work much better than the white ones. Also the roof is perfect for the Chinese restaurant theme. I would like to say though that I prefer the planters on the second version the most. It looks great with your other modular buildings and the alley is a nice touch. I hope you add an interior.
  11. GC8Monkey

    MOC: New Mannum's NEW Hardware Store

    Getting to your hardware store thread a little late, however it allowed me to see the evolution of your store. As soon as you added the stickers it really brought it to life. It really "feels" like a country hardware store and it has a great selection too. I like how you broke up the front window displays with the plates and glasses. Great MOC!
  12. GC8Monkey

    MOC: Lego Shop building

    Great modular building. All the details you added are great, especially the tiny lego sets. I think the club being right above the lego store with all those NBA players is hilarious . Talk about diversified buiding usage. A wonderful and unique addition to your town.
  13. GC8Monkey

    MOC: Hydro Utility Truck

    Spot on! Aside from the colour,your Hydro truck looks exactly like the real ones out here in B.C. Very nicely done. I really like the stabilizers and the cones. Very simple but effective. A great upgrade from the official set.
  14. GC8Monkey

    We have a minor situation

    Really nice MOC. I love the glass ceiling and I like how you have the senator huddling in the corner. Even with the Jedi Knight I think the rescue will be some work by the looks of your Bounty Hunter.
  15. GC8Monkey

    Modular Building 10211 Grand Emporium

    Wow! I love it. Exactly what I was envisioning only with even more details. I look forward to seeing what the interior looks like. Just wait, I hear something. Oh that's my wallet screaming for mercy. Thanks for the pics.