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  1. Skafte

    Category A and Category B winners

    My figs arrived in Sweden yesterday, thanks Fangy!
  2. Skafte

    Category A and Category B winners

    Wow, I actually won in both categories! Thanks to everyone that voted for my entries and to all organizers of the contest!
  3. My votes, one point each: 3) Robbers in the lobby (Intergalactic Girl) Entry (Build by Kumpelkante) - must love a oversize Classic Space-logo! 7) Art Deco (Flamenco Dancer) Entry (Build by lisqr) - I really like the "clean" look 9) Irish round tower (Leprechaun) Entry (Build by Etzel) - Go vikings!
  4. Here are my votes, one point each: 4) Butcher Entry (Build by Walt) 23) Mechanic Entry (Build by Darkblane) 36) Genie Entry (Build by graznador)
  5. My third wish Minifig series 6: Genie Minifig series 2: Pharaoh Architectural feature: Al-Khazneh or The Treasury at Petra, Jordan Theme: Adventurers Somehwhere in the desert, a Pharaoh once found a lamp in a secret chamber. He rubbed it and a Genie appeared. As the custom bids of Genies set free, the Pharaoh was granted three wishes. The hidden palace where the lamp was found His first wish was a ton of gold, which appeared in an instant. The second wish was, naturally, Cleopatra in Leia's slave outfit. What will his third wish be? The stud for the Genie on his lamp is illuminated by a PF lamp. More pics (one with Genie) can be seen on my Flickr Disclaimer: I had built about half of this when I found this LEGO Al-Khazneh by ArzLan. I had not seen it before and did not look at the pics, so all similarities are coincidental. His is better
  6. Skafte

    LEGO: A Love Story

    Wow, great to see you here, Jonathan! Your book is a really good read for AFOLs as well as for non-FOLs. I enjoyed it immensly, both times I read it! Congratulations on your second (well, both) kids! It is fun building with them, I know!
  7. ¬°Arriba! Minifig: Flamenco Dancer Theme: Town The male dancer performs a prancing jump in front of his partner, hoping she will be impressed. On the roof balcony, a cat is sneaking up behind a frog between the flowerpots. He is really flying! Or is he? Here you can see how the magic is done... More pics on my Flickr page
  8. Skafte

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Oooh, look what I wrote some time ago. Perhaps someone saw it back then? Perhaps they'd like to send me a 10225 just as a small thanks for the great idea? Eh?
  9. I have for a few years made some kind of LEGO display for my local Toy Store window for the Holidays. It has often been Star Wars UCS sets, but this year (as last year actually), I built a medival/fantasy diorama. When I got it home a few weeks ago, I could finally take some pictures. Hope you like it! The complete thing Dragon Knights from Kingdoms defend the Wizard Tower from the evil Orcs of Fantasy Era The tower is built from 2x4 Wedges Some detail shots. More pics on my Flickr.
  10. Great to see this done! I think I need to build one of those Falcons to have the complete scale-line. I only have eight different Falcons so far...
  11. Skafte

    LOTR & The Hobbit 2012

    Including a Peter Jackson minifig with carrot.
  12. Skafte

    LOTR & The Hobbit 2012

    As happy as I am about this is really happening, I'm really annoyed that they don't mention JRR Tolkien at all in the press release. It's all about the movies.
  13. I didn't have the time to make an entry myself, but here are my votes: 1) Big Fish scene - Magician, Mime Artist and Circus Clown Entry (Build by lorax) - 1 point 5) Dumbo scene - Clown, Ringmaster and Circus Clown Entry (Build by Oky) - 1 point 8) Night At The Museum 2 scene - Pharaoh and Mafia Gangster Entry (Build by Ninja Nin)- 1 point Really great entries all around!
  14. What a great contest! Here are my votes: 17) Eskimo Entry (Build by bellis) - 1 point 25) Cavewoman Entry (Build by Darkblane) - 1 point 35) Godzilla Entry (Build by Cecilie) - 1 point
  15. This is my entry: The Tree Obviously for the woodcutter, and I guess the closest theme is City (should be "forest", but whatever).