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    Outside of my obvious Lego obsession I play guitar (quite well if I can be so modest) , and until recently had a band. I've played most genres form jazz in a big band, to border-line metal with my group. Love progressive and classic rock to death, and I'm very fond of fusion. Favorite artists include Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa, and Pat Metheney etc.


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About Me

My name is Alex, I've been building with Lego since I was four, and after a brief dark age I am back at it with more ideas than ever. (Between college work and music, my other great passions)

Sirens-of-Titan is a novel by American writer and satirist Kurt Vonnegut. It is one of my all time favorites, it summarizes and satirizes the world we live in, and is a sci-fi adventure story all-in-one. I highly recommend it; it may change your life. :wink:

Back when I was a kid sets were scarce so I learned to improvise with a limited amount of bricks, which to this day leads me to inventing new uses for parts, minifigures and accessories.

My focus nowadays is MOCing; I attempt to put as much innovation, creativity and character into each MOC as I can possibly muster. If it is redundant, overdone and uncreative it is not worth doing. I believe minifigures add as much to a MOC as the actual scene itself, and so I try to match the best head/torso/accessories combination for each and every one. (Think of it as casting for mini actors)

My primary inspirations come from the world of sci-fi and fantasy books, movies and games. I prefer them to historic and reality-based creations, although a good MOC is a good MOC and I am not excluding them as a possibility for my building future.

Check out my MOCpages account or Flickr stream and stay tuned, as I am never out of ideas about what to build and my only constraint is time.

Thanks for reading! pirate_thumbup.gif