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  1. bjorn77

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Since AS celebrated the 10 year anniversary for modular buildings, it was supposed to be a mish mash of all the building styles of previous sets. As a standalone set, I think it captures the essence of the modular line, it looks great and is a really fun build. But when placed in between the other buildings, there's nothing specific that stands out to give it character. It sort of just disappears.
  2. bjorn77

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I wouldn't buy a train station, or possibly mod it into something else. It just wouldn't fit my "main street" layout. But with that said, it could be a really cool building and I envy those who have the space for such a layout.
  3. bjorn77

    Review: 21310 Old Fishing Store

    Great set. The one thing I know I am going to modify is the roof. it loks a little too "old" for my liking. That business wouldn't pass a workplace security inspection :).
  4. bjorn77

    Cars compatible with Modular Buildings?

    Thanks for all suggestions everybody. I've got loads of options to try now. Really appreciate it!
  5. bjorn77

    Cars compatible with Modular Buildings?

    To be honest, I nerver liked the Town Hall very much. It's too boxy and tall. It doesn't fit well with the rest of the buildings. I think It should stand by itself in conjunction to a square. I might rebuild it someday, my son loves the elevator play feature, but for now the consulate looks better. I think I will try with a four stud wide sports car, perhaps a convertible. Something similar to those in 60132 or 60119. If that doesn't turn out well, I'll try six studs, but something smaller than the SUV. That truck matches the fire truck an limo in style, but I want something a little more classy for a consulate. But perhaps I could use it as a base for something else. Thanks for the suggestion.
  6. bjorn77

    Cars compatible with Modular Buildings?

    Yep, I can change so that it's only one spot. But the SUV I built is still too big, and slightly too modern looking. A total width of 6 studs for the car is fine, but the wheel caps cannot extend outside the cars' body, or it won't fit through the gate (which I don't want to redesign). It should also be a "formal" looking car that fits with the idea of a consulate. I just need some inspiration. :)
  7. Hi, I just recently got around to build Brick City Depot's modular consulate, and I'm thinking I need a fitting car. I did a modified version of the 60058 SUV in all black, but it turned out way too big. To even pass through the gate, the car can be at most six studs wide. I also want it to match the fire truck and limo from the official sets, in size and somewhat in style too. I'll gladly take any suggestions anyone may have. IMG_0543 by Björn Wessman, on Flickr IMG_0545 by Björn Wessman, on Flickr
  8. Yeah, I am perfectly aware of this, and I would be OK with that if they released a third series. But if they leave it with the two released so far, then it really feels like a missed opportunity. No Moe or Skinner? C'mon...
  9. It was not that bad. The problem was that they included the whole Simpsons family again. Would they have left them out in favor for my top five, it would have been a great series.
  10. It would be easy to feel Kang and Kodos through the bags :). But it wouldn't really be minfigs per se, so I doubt it. Perhaps a good candidate for a Lego Dimensions set though?
  11. Does anyone think there's a remote chance of getting a Simpsons Series 3? The theme seems dead to me, but there's still so many essential characters missing. Here's my wish list for a series 3, in prioritized order: Moe Principal Skinner Otto Sideshow Bob Carl Lenny Barney Sideshow Mel Cletus Snake Rainer Wolfcastle Duffman Superintendent Chalmers Jaqueline Bouvier Major Quimby Fat Tony
  12. Don't know what brand that is, but it looks to be a copy of the original elfa system.
  13. bjorn77

    MOC: Astrid and Associates Architecture firm

    This design and color scheme is so clean! It is almost hypnotizing to look at.
  14. bjorn77

    Lego 10255 XXL Assembly Square MOD

    Your "square" is becoming very big. Perhaps it is time to convert it into a "park"? :)
  15. bjorn77

    10255 Assembly Square

    Now that I have built this set, here's my mini review: I love the look of the left-most, blue building. The flower shop building is ok, but not much more than that. The tower building looks pretty nice, but a little simplistic and also too small for such a building. I modded it with some more ornaments (I used square and round 1x1 tiles), which was easily done given that I just needed to attach them to the existing 1x2 plates with one stud. All three buildings are quite small, which is not a problem when you view the set standalone. It looks really impressive. But as soon as you line it up with the rest of the modulars, the buildings' character sort of disappear and becomes just three small buildings squeezed in among other larger buildings. Especially the tower building, with it's small windows, looks like it is almost in a smaller scale. I would have preferred this building to be bigger and angled to use the space where the "middle" flower shop building is now. The build was great fun with a lot of variation and the interiors are superb overall. Dollhouse play value is great for kids (and adults with The Donald sized hands :)). I would really recommend this set to someone who doesn't collect the modulars as it is a great piece by its own. For the rest of us, we will buy it anyway. Personally, I would have prefered one or two larger buildings over the three small ones we got. But it is a great set and I will be happy as long as Lego continues to release the modular buildings, although I am running out of space to display them all. I think I will soon have to remove some of the less attractive sets from my display and Assembly Square will not be among the first ones (Detective's Office is the first one to go, no competition). All in all, I would probably rate AS slightly above average, compared to all the other modulars (excluding CC and MS which I don't own).