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  1. mania3

    Fire elements at Lego Store PAB

    They tend to vary, even in areas with multiple stores. But generally, they reflect's pick-a-brick selection, with whatever chosen sampling being offered in any given store.
  2. Former LEGOLAND, California employee. Unfortunately, this is just a carryover blurb they used to describe the Studio Store here over the years. They even had, until very recently, the logo for Batman LEGO sets lining the store walls. So, it's a sign of nothing more than the disconnect between PR and product awareness. Even after all these years, LEGOLAND's retail departments do not take the rabidness of the LEGO fan seriously enough.
  3. mania3

    [MOC] T-16 Skyhopper

    Ah, I was so genuinely hoping this was going to be a great MOC. I wasn't let down. My Kenner T-16 was one of my most often enjoyed toys as a child. Great, great MOC. I'll be sharing this with friends.
  4. mania3

    Please tell us your screen resolution and browser

    2560x1600. No choice for that, so I couldn't vote. But I use Firefox 5.0.
  5. mania3

    blacktron 3

    Here's one I recently came up with. Original link:
  6. mania3

    Castle Sets 2010

    This is great news. I was just thinking the other day how I really enjoyed the battle packs from the Fantasy Era, and how I was really hoping that the new Kingdoms sets would have some. Didn't even have to wait that long to find out. Great find!
  7. mania3

    Store Display

    The answer on the glue is almost certainly no. It won't come off. Last year LEGO gave me some display models for some work I did for them and portions of the models were glued. I had to dismantle them and toss the bits of LEGO that were glued together in a recycling bin, as there was just no hope for them. And having worked around the model builders at LEGOLAND, I can assure you that when something is glued, it is done so for good. The only glue that is removable is something like Elmer's, which you can soak in water to remove, but LEGO uses nothing akin to this glue. As to the value, perhaps someone would buy them. Things are worth whatever people would be willing to pay. Either way, it's a neat find. Good luck.
  8. mania3

    NEW EXCLUSIVE: Max Minifigure

    Bravo. Can we just sticky this and end all of this nonsense?
  9. mania3

    Most Expensive Lego Set

    Actually, you're all wrong. The most expensive LEGO "set" (heh heh) would be the LEGO Duck. One of, if not the first LEGO product ever made. I'm sure it would sell for a fortune most of us could hardly conceive of here.
  10. mania3

    Lego in Aquariums

    Sealife Aquarium, adjacent to LEGOLAND, California features many HUGE LEGO models in the tanks with the various animals. So, my assumption would be no and that incorporating the two shouldn't be a problem.
  11. mania3

    Display Cases

    I don't know if they have the store where you are, but, The Container Store sells MANY hobby related display cases of ALL sizes. I've got one that has my whole Fabuland collection on display, and I've even got some that are just bigger than a minifigure, so I've got single figures on display (Chrome Darth Vader, etc.) If they've got a location near you, or ship to wherever you are, that's what I would do.
  12. I sincerely doubt my LEGO collection would be subject to robbery, here in the States. I think reselling it, while lucrative, would be a sincere pain. So I guess the only thing protecting my collection is my insurance agency and the idea that selling would be a lot of work. That and my modest firearms and my obscene ability to hit my mark regardless. Regardless.
  13. I can vouch for the fact that the tank set WAS made, as a prototype at least. It was vetoed by the company though before it could go into production. This has been corroborated by many set designers in different avenues. I either heard about it through work or at one of the panels they did at the conventions. Ultimately I think being a Danish company it was odd to create a Nazi vehicle, even without the obvious references to the Nazi regime. So, obviously given this, there will NEVER be a tank set.
  14. mania3

    LEGOLand... FLORIDA!!!

    They have been planning and scouting a second LEGOLAND park in the states for some time now. This is it.
  15. mania3

    Modular Building 10211 Grand Emporium

    As always, these continue to exceed my expectations. I can't wait to get my hand on this one. If they keep this up, I'm going to have a pretty impressive spread of modular buildings in my city display.