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    I'm good with most themes, but my favorites are Indy, Castle, and Pirates.<br />Other themes that I like (in no particular order) include SpongeBob, Technic, City, Power Miners, SP3, Agents, Bionicle, and Star Wars


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  1. daxflame680

    Monstosaurus Rex Rampage

    Awesome! I really like the T-Rex. I never would've of thought of putting those spike pieces on that way. This is a really nice little Jurassic Park ripoff :thumbup:
  2. daxflame680

    Best and worst Lego set of the 2000's

    Some of my bests would be: 10193 Medieval Market Village (One of the best castle sets ever, and that's saying something) 10185 Green Grocer (This and the Cafe Corner are both amazing sets, but this one has the better interior) 7641 City Corner (Easily the best set of the current City theme) Worsts: Just about anything from 2003
  3. daxflame680

    What are you afraid of?

    Some things that I am afraid of would be: -Heights -Hobos -Parasites -Belville Dolls -Those terrible MOCs in LEGO Club Magazine
  4. daxflame680

    Atlantis 2010

    I was just complaining about this one set. I'll wait for finalized pics before I rant 100%( ), I'm sure TLG wouldn't be dumb enough to give all the vehicles wheels. That's exactly what I thought, LOL! Power Miners minus lime green isn't really new, is it? But I would agree with Peppermint/Copmike/Darthperson that people always hate prelim pics.
  5. daxflame680

    Pirate Tic Tac Toe - Cheap Part Alert

    Thank you for the heads up, Apache. I saw this coming after the SW magnets, Castle BPs, and Vintage Minifig Collections all had this crap material. I was thinking this might be a good army builder, but that material is just awful
  6. daxflame680

    Toy Story discussion thread

    I really hope that these aren't sets with just minifigs in them. It's nice to have little minifig packs, but I'd like to have more than 3 'normal' sets. This line might turn up the way I thought it would though. No set ideas.... To me, this sounds like Minifigs + boxes for them. Hopefully I am wrong. The minifigs didn't look very LEGOish, IMO (see, Oky isn't the only one that does that ), but I'll probably buy the sets, since I am a Toy Story fan.
  7. daxflame680

    Warner Brothers planning CGI/live action LEGO film

    Oh, god. CGI/live action, family comedy This kind of sounds like Rock Band to me. It hopefully will not end up as cheap Disneyish kids movie + minifigs instead of actual people
  8. daxflame680

    Atlantis 2010

    It might be too early to judge, but I'm not impressed This looks like underwater power miners. Seriously, I am so sick of those gigantic wheels.
  9. daxflame680

    Ackabar's head

    Ackbar's head looks darker. At the time that this pic showed up, I assumed it was just something with this one photo.
  10. daxflame680

    Flying Dutchmans ship?

    I actually haven't seen the picture myself, but I remember reading a discussion somewhere talking about the flying dutchman's ship pictures. I'll look for that later.
  11. daxflame680

    Flying Dutchmans ship?

    Justin pretty much said it. That one picture was a fake, and TLG's license with Nick is done for now. I actually don't think a Flying Dutchman's ship would be that easy to make, because it's color is all glowy, and Lego pieces would be really ugly in that type of color. *pukes and dies* But really, you shouldn't mix those two up.
  12. daxflame680

    New sets in U.S. on s@h

    Some other new sets: 5979 Max Security Transport 8998 Toa Mata Nui 7747 Wind Turbine Transport 21005 Fallingwater (haha, 100 bucks) I wasn't expecting these until September
  13. daxflame680

    Latest updates on LEGO set sales

    Today only at TRU: 25% off all LEGO city. You will need to use this coupon though.
  14. daxflame680

    Will the Fantasy Theme Survive?

    I say that if they don't introduce new factions, the fantasy theme is dead. The Medieval Market Village was a great set, but the summer wave is about average. They didn't come up with anything new - The Drawbridge Defense was a tower raid + new figs, and the Trolls' Mountain Fortress was a redecorated Castle siege. They've done all they can do with the 4 factions, gimme elves.
  15. daxflame680

    The End Of Market Street

    I think that Market Street is gone for good, that's usually the case when an item is listed as sold out for a while. Cafe Corner probably has a couple of months left, and I wouldn't expect Green Grocer to disappear for another year, since it's a 2008 set. 7679 Republic Fighter Tank was available for less than 3 months. Stop reminding me!