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  1. 2009 man

    lego starwars figs

    some of my idias are - shaak ti aalaya sucura seas tiinn padme yeah but i dont care
  2. 2009 man

    lego starwars figs

    many mini figures have came out over the years but there is still many more figs lego can make so post some idias for new figs ( from starwars)
  3. 2009 man

    Bellatrix Lestrange decal

    wow that so cool im a big fan of harry potter and she is such a cool character sadly lego is not making any sets for harry potter 6&7
  4. 2009 man

    Castle sets 2008/2009

    grate queen lego is going to be rich
  5. 2009 man

    The 2009 Pirate LEGO

    i love the set in the middle.i live in fl so im going to te lego store in downtown disney tomarrow to pick it up . also if anyone finds out the price send it to me at gabeburgos@aol.com