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  1. Hey Keith, amazing work. I saw the models that you brought to the NW brickcon and those look great, although they are nothing compared to some of your larger displays. I have one question for you, do you have most of these built and on display at the same time or do you have to disassemble one MOC to make the next? Great to have you on the boards and again, incredible work.


  2. Garbage truck:  It has the usual engine, HOG steering, and main cabin. BUT:

    Main Model: back loading garbage, complete with hydraulics to compress the stuff internally once the outer holder is full

    Second model: front loading truck, with hydraulic arms to lift a bin overhead and dump inside. 

    Some sort of emptying mechanism  (turning your truck upside down does not count).

    Any others??

    Awesome idea. I have been less than impressed with the variety of models avalible recently in the Technic line. I love Technic's complexity and the functions the offer. As for new models I have been waiting the Fire Truck Technic model due to be out sometime this year! :-D Though even the Fire Truck is often a made in to to many Lego sets. A garbage truck would be very nice. I would also like to see a realistic looking utility truck such as this one:


    Even this truck might fall under the "crane" type but I think it would be a nice model with cool functions. It would have to be much more realistic than that cab/tree loader thing they have out now.

    As for an ORIGINAL model I would like to see a Challenger 2 tank model, with working turret, tread, etc. This is very unlikly to even cross Lego's mind when considering a new Technic but it would be awesome! ;)


    Oh, and that new Black Cat take-off Heavy Duty tow truck looks increadible! It looks huge for $115 US.



  3. One word discribes these trains, AWESOME! I love the new trains. Do you think this is the entrie '06 train lineup or are we in for even more wonderful suprises? Oh and if you look up in the top right corner of the train page you can see a very cool blue 6 wide truck. This pic alone sells me the trains. And speaking of selling, does anyone know about how much these trains will be priced at?


  4. Man, I've got the money, researched the games I want, and all ready to go, right? One problem, everywhere I look I can buy all the 360's games and accessories, but NO XBOX 360 CONSOLES. :'( This stinks. I heard that more shall become avalible in early-mid 2006. The goes that old saying, "The longer you wait the sweeter it gets!" :/

    A impatient LegoBMW

  5. Hey, Thanks for the link Yoda. The new trains system will be awesome. I hope. From that pic the train did not look like i hade been <insert that tiresome argument>, but it was only one tiny pic so I cannot tell. Did you guys see those tiny widows on the front/side of the train. I think those were in a set a long time ago. Doesn't the pic look like it was taken from a Lego magazine, I wish we saw more. I can't wait for the new trains!


  6. Wow, I love that crane. I am a huge fan of the City line and will hopefully pick up the police boat and the crane. Do you guy's think it will be avalible in the green German polizei stickers, I really love them. Oh, and I am praying for a marine/harbor line, that would be a dream come true! ;)


  7. So the Iroquois Confederacy wishes to get involved? Fine, but know that your fate is sealed with this move.

    The Iroquois Confederacy, I like that name.

    Oh, and to Mister Phes and other foolish conquerers , our numbers and our technology are far greater and more advanced than what you might think. If you want to continue whatever Conquistadors such as yourself do, I think you should stay down in Central America. Wandering up the west coast of North America would not be a wise move. ;)

    Chief Clenched Fist