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    Well hello

    I forgot to say that am an american. In Calif. I have family in MT. Shasta, San Fransisco and Redding. Also in seattle. I would also like to say I am really impressed with how well organized and well put together this site is.
  2. LegoBMW

    Hi there

    Hey i have family in MT. Shasta and Redding. And many other family in san fransisco too. Nice to know other people from my neck of the woods are here too.
  3. LegoBMW

    Traincrossing with Mindstorm Control

    I saw that on brickshelf two. It is really pretty cool. I also know next two nothing on mindstorms. I was amazed when i saw it.
  4. LegoBMW

    City set poll

  5. LegoBMW

    Who wants a medical theme?

    *devil* I love the hospital theme. I will buy everything as soon as i comes out! I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!! *wub*
  6. LegoBMW

    City set poll

    Really. Thank is not good i live on the washington-british colombia border and i shop a lot in Canada. I am going up there soon.