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  1. LegoBMW

    Good attempt of a 9.99$ V-Wing

    Very nice model. Look very close to actual ship. :-D
  2. LegoBMW

    Viking stickers...

    they look great. I'll be printing them out as soon as i decide how many vikings i want to make. Thanks again.
  3. LegoBMW


    interesting model. In the "before" pics it does not look very good but with the chrome it looks 200% better. I wonder how long the chrome will hold up on plastic?
  4. LegoBMW

    2005 Wishlist

    O. Cool thanks for the link. :-D
  5. LegoBMW

    custom bounty hunters

    Very nice. You did a good job on 4-lom. Are the heads made of clay?
  6. LegoBMW

    2005 Wishlist

    How do you guys know what the v-wing looks like and it's price. Is it out?
  7. LegoBMW


    Ok, sorry i was not thinking it would mislead people.
  8. LegoBMW


    Hey i was just wondering what new police sets anyones heard of or would like to see.
  9. LegoBMW

    Hovercraft Hideout

    Hey, i just bought a Hovercraft hideout set from S@h and i was wondering what do you think about it. I really enjoy it. When do you think Lego will stop production of it? Know any good way to upgrade it?
  10. LegoBMW


    I really want the train.
  11. LegoBMW

    'ello EuroBricks!

    Hello sir. I am sure you will love Eurobricks. Welcome.
  12. LegoBMW

    2005 Wishlist

    The redesigned slave 1 will be awesome. I disliked the old one. Slave 1 took my vote
  13. LegoBMW

    new moc minifigs

    WOW those look great. I want a Plo Koon! again, great looking minifigs. :oD
  14. LegoBMW

    2005 Wishlist

    I would love the JEDI COUNCIL. I am rasing a jedi army and need a good jedi minifig set.
  15. LegoBMW


    I am posting an anonymous post. :-D
  16. LegoBMW

    So who is copying who now?

    Love them, Huh. Mabye you are as crazy as they say.
  17. LegoBMW

    Well hello

    Hey everyone. I'm BMWLEGO. Mabye you have seen my poll i put up. Well anyway, i am glad to be here. All though i have a question, how do you change your "rating"? for example "half member", or "member." Thanks
  18. LegoBMW

    So who is copying who now?

    All i know is that i dispise megablocks. Thats final for me.
  19. LegoBMW

    brilliant... just brilliant

    WOW those trains are truly impressive. Great models.
  20. LegoBMW

    Hi-Res Harry Potter Pics!

    I am not a fan of the Potter lego line but i will buy the cemetary. Nice design and i could use the pecies for my town.
  21. LegoBMW

    Custom figs

    :oo I love the fat green thingy.
  22. LegoBMW

    Shop at home catalog summer online

    I enjoyed looking through the catolog(mine came in the mail) and i love the Police HQ for $50 (US) and th e Hovercraft hidout for $15 (us). I ordered both twice. THe catolag (from my point of veiw) was nicely organized and well put together. *satis*
  23. LegoBMW

    Dino sets

    I like the heli, anf the stv. I use the atvs for the rental shack on the beach in my town. I will buy the heli for my "AREA-51" base. :-D Other than those two models i do not like the line. I dislike the dino thingys.
  24. LegoBMW


    Yes, you have a point.
  25. LegoBMW


    Does anyone else want oriental knights. you know sarasins and middle eastern knights. I would love a KINGDOM OF HEAVEN line. LOL.