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    The GREAT historical LEGO WAR!!!

    I am Chief Clenched Fist and you invaders are in my land. If it is land and resources you gain you will have to go through me. My Indians have raided British and French encampments and are equiped with muskets and pistols. Fight me or join me, thouse are your choices and I stress that you choose the latter. I have enslaved a British Expeditionary Force and I have their ships under my command. Our muskets are at the ready me friends, join or die.
  2. LegoBMW

    Your Top 3 music bands.

    My 3 favorite bands: 1. U2 2. The Dave Matthews Band 3. Red Hot Chili Peppers
  3. LegoBMW

    PHOTO REVIEW: Hospital (7892)

    Hey, great review! I would like to ask you opinion on the ramp thingy. It looks diffrent than the prototypes. Thanks for the review, LEGOBMW
  4. LegoBMW

    CITY Hospital Review?

    come on, your killing me, need review. LOL, looking foward to the review. Thanks for doing it, LegoBMW
  5. LegoBMW

    CITY Hospital Review?

    Oh man, I was looking foward to reading it today, oh well, we read it soon. Thanks for keeping us updated so well, looking foward to the review. Thanks, LegoBMW
  6. LegoBMW


    Countblockula has AIRPORT FIRE ENGING pics up, check'em out here: Countblockula AIRPORT FIRE ENGINE
  7. LegoBMW

    Exo-Force Pics

    I like the new Exo-force mecha things a lot, although LEGO city is my favorite line. I think that those mechas will look very good on a shelf or as a gift. They will certainly be fun to build. Oh and a bit off the topic, just read the LEGO City passenger plane review, it was great. Nice Job Bloody Jay. Will you be reviewing some of the other new City lines as well? LegoBMW
  8. LegoBMW


    I'd go with white also. The white is more noticible and realistic. I have created riot police for my town, but because I did have those great sheild you are using, I used white radar dishs. Away, I vote for white shields.
  9. LegoBMW

    PCS Medical Ship

    Awesome Ship, Awesome Website, keep building ;) , LegoBmw
  10. LegoBMW

    A worrying trend

    I live in the United States and I have also noticed many missing LULS. At all the major chain toy stores, TRU, KB-toys, and stores like Target or Wal-mart, many of the Lego Star Wars boxes with the " try me" LULS are in good are in good condition,(I am thankful to say I have not yet seen a damaged box in my area) but Obi's hood is missing or the LULS "light up see though" peice is gone. I have not noticed a entire MF gone. YET, LegoBmw
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    The United States of America is my home, LegoBmw
  12. LegoBMW

    Holiday Village...

    Yes, a very nice set. Nice pieces and a great potential, LegoBmw
  13. LegoBMW

    New 2006 town lines??

    Hey, A while ago I remember reading on Eurobricks about new Hospital and Airport city lines for 2006. Is this still true? If this is true, does anyone have any pic's of the new lines? Thanks, I am praying that this is true. Thanks, ;) LegoBmw
  14. LegoBMW

    Advent Calendar Pic review

    Thanks for the responce Yoda. I'll buy it when it comes out in stores, I live in the United States. Thanks for the review, great pics, LegoBmw
  15. LegoBMW

    Advent Calendar Pic review

    Wow, graet set. I like the cop, the railroad crossing man, and the construction worker. Very nice set. Yoda, do you think it was worth the money? I think I will pick it up if i see it. Is it only avalible on the internet and in Lego brand store? Oh, and what color is the 2nd skateboarding helmet? Thanks, LegoBmw
  16. LegoBMW

    Villain announced for Spidey 3

    So do you guys know for sure that Lego will get the third spiderman license? I hope so. So far the spiderman sets have been awesome city/town builders, and have included some great cars and trucks, such as the lego ambulance and the legosidperman's uncles tan car with the pontiac like grill sticker. Thanks for the info, and I will be tuned into Eurobricks for more news on the '06 hospital line and, hopefully, the new spidey line. Thanks, LegoBmw
  17. LegoBMW

    Faviorite Castle sub-theme

    The black knights took my vote. I enjoy making heavily armored cavalry units. They look very impressive when line up or grouped together. Thanks for the link Norro, seeing all of those awesome castle sets made me wishing Lego sold those exact same models again, LegoBmw
  18. LegoBMW

    Vikings 05: Caption Contest 5

    Boy do I hope the new, lighty swords work. :o
  19. LegoBMW

    Vikings 05: Lego Vikings?

    Sorry, misread keetongu's post and added a reply that would have not make sense, LegoBmw :$
  20. LegoBMW

    which 2006 set now?

    I put my vote in for the A-wing. I am not a Lego Star Wars fan, so I do not spend big bucks on Star Wars Lego models, allthough all of the new ships are very, very tempting! :-D Anyway, I chose the A-wing because I can use it at my city airport as a "Top Secret" government fighter project. ;)
  21. LegoBMW

    hello my name is keetongu

    Keetongu, Sorry for the confusion. I simply though you were sombody else. ;) LegoBmw
  22. LegoBMW

    Two kids trying to be gangsters

    Hey, I just came across stupid insult/joke while "web surfing" and I thought it would apply to the rather large boy in the pics, " he has more Chins than a Hong Kong phone book!" Again, pretty stuoid, but it applys to gangsta boy. ;) LegoBmw
  23. LegoBMW

    hello my name is keetongu

    keetongu, I was just wondering if your name is kevin. I used know a kid your age just like you, even really into Bionicle. If you don't want to post your name, for what ever reasons, PM me, LegoBmw :-D Oh, and you don't have to tell me you name if you don't what to, yes or no will work if you want.
  24. LegoBMW

    Two kids trying to be gangsters

    My God, Those pics are incredible! Is that a fat boy or what?