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  1. Mortymore

    What did you get to get the exclusive fig?

    After a dozen calls trying to speak with LEGO Portugal (my country), I gave up and had to speak in english with LEGO Denmark. It seems that I had to check some box to request the minifigure during order checkout, but I really didn't saw it, or even expect to have to check some box to request an advertised promotional item. Anyway, I didn't get the poster also. There was any check box for that too? I believe that those boxes should be checkd by default if the order is entitled to include the promotional items, and if one didn't want them, my address should be automatically given to LEGO, instead of the non grateful buyers address. Now seriously... the lady LEGO assistant I talked to, promised me that a poster would be sent shortly, and since they don't have any more of those Storm Troopers, she asked me to choose one SW minifigure currently in production, so I should receive also a General Grievous. I could have chosen better, but I don't know most of the awkward SW names. Hope my adventure in SW world (I'm more into Technic) have an happy ending in a week or two. Cumps
  2. Mortymore

    What did you get to get the exclusive fig?

    I placed my order on 3 of May (1st day) and only received the X-Wing 6212 ordered. No poster!... No minifigure! I sent an on-line complain, and got no answer 'till now (2 days gone by). I'm really "mad" (to be polite) with TLG, and I'll contact the costumer service by phone tomorrow. Someone will taste the dark side of an angry AFOL Cumps
  3. I agree that the care put in this set is not great. More obvious to me is the fact that they didn't bother with the colour of the Axle and Pin Connector (ref. 44) In the Supercar 8070, that uses the same parts in the same place, they made it in red. They should have made them in black for the 8081, specially because this part in black is pricey in BL, and this was a great opportunity to make them affordable. At least this 8081 as differential 62821, and lot of more interesting panels when compared to the Quad Bike 8262, or the Buggy 8048, but the price is expected to be considerably higher (~5:3) than either of them. I guess that being so hollow inside, makes it ideal to be filled with PF to motorize and remote control. Cumps
  4. Mortymore

    Grohl's Creations

    Thank you Grohl for all the art work and sharing, and thank you DLuders for all the effort on gathering information. You are unstoppable! (Do you ever sleep?) Cumps
  5. Great challenge DLuders brought to us "Find the technic part" or "Find why it suits on this forum" I what more!!!...I what more!!!...
  6. Mortymore

    Powering PF motors from wall socket (USA)

    I would say that by plugging the battery charger to the battery you will only be charging the battery, and battery at the same time will provide the energy for the motor. You will not be providing direct current to the motor, through the charger. Be careful to provide current to a PF motor, through cheap wall adapters since they have awful DC current rectification (ugly ripple), and usually the maximum current that can be drawn is 300mA...500mA and a stalled PF XL motor can draw 3 or 4 times that. Cumps PS: 100 posts... I'm a Citizen now
  7. I see 1 Technic Brick 2x1 Cumps
  8. Took a photo of both sides of the new rims cumps PS: I found this just now. An Axle 5.5 With Stop (BL ref:32209) can be fully inserted on new rims from one side, but on the older 3 hole version (BL ref:41896) it can't, because the axle receptacle is different on this 2 rims.
  9. Mortymore

    [REVIEW] 8070 Supercar

    Well... click here to see the spare parts from the B-model Cumps
  10. Mortymore

    [REVIEW] 8070 Supercar

    Click here to see a photo of my left overs. Actually I had to swipe a size 6 axle from my parts, and I believe that the one missing was switch by the size 4 axle seen in my left overs picture. Cumps PS: The image is to big for so few, and I don't know how to resize pictures in this forum, since adding the "with=xxx" to the "img" tag does not work for me here, so that's why I didn't place a direct link to the image.
  11. Mortymore

    Models for 2H of 2011

    See here: ...given the price advertised of €54.20, it may well be for about the price you told in US$, but future will tell. Cumps
  12. I was there but my photo session was a bit poor this time, since I was distracted once some family members arrived to met me. Here you will find my few photos taken: Cumps
  13. Those wheels I was surprised to have them in my 8069 Backhoe, but in yellow, since the picture in the box show them with 3 holes instead of 6. I looked for the 6 hole version on peeron and bricklink and found none. So if I checked well, I guess they´r new. Cumps
  14. It seems to me that a mix of the bottom part of the 8294 Excavator , and the top of the 8053 Mobile crane, with some add ons, as won the prize. Cumps EDIT: to insert hiperlinks to brickset
  15. Mortymore

    8049+power functions

    davidmull, don't be sad because you're not alone. I love the 8049. It was my first and only set with pneumatics, and it started pumping my heart as soon as I saw it. I am tempted now and then, to by another 8049 set for the pneumatics, but the shipping costs always kept me to do so. I was so excited with my new pneumatics system that I also motorized the 8049 B-model. I motorized also the Hauler 8264, but replaced the linear actuator by a motorized pneumatic piston. Now, I hardly can´t wait for the Unimog 8110... mostly to grab those pneumatics. Cumps