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  1. Hi guys! I'm thrilled to release MiniZip; the adapter that lets you power your lego creations from a 9 volt battery! I am releasing it on Kickstarter to cover the production costs, and I need your help to do so! You can see the full project here: https://www.kickstar...-lego-creations Here's a video about it: Thank you for your support!
  2. I put together a super-fast mini rc chassis. It has buggy motor geared up 20:16 for drive, and servo for steering. Lipo and v2 receiver provide power. It goes a measured 17.5 KPH (11 mph). So I was wondering if anyone built anything faster. Video:
  3. A little video showing a suspension concept: The suspension is tatra-style, not double wishbone. But it is simple and works well enough for my needs. Uses the lego rubber pieces in the place of shock absorbers to save space, and can be built onto a servo motor with as little hassle as possible. I am pleased that the pivot points are all aligned such that the wheels do not steer themselves when the suspension is actuated. Overall a neat concept that I hope to incorporate into my future small-scale MOCs.
  4. I would think the best of those options would be the 600 mAh ones
  5. I have 280 mah EBL NiMh batteries. In my experience with fresh fully charged batteries the power is equal to or greater than (because of the weight savings) the AA battery packs. Here's a link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/EBL-2x-9V-9-Volt-Ni-MH-280mAh-Rechargeable-Batteries-/301033571076?pt=US_Rechargeable_Batteries&hash=item4616ffc304 Another thing to consider is that the trickle charger can charge the batteries to just above 9v sometimes. When charging for the recommended time period, I found that the batteries would reach on average about 9.25 V. This didn't hurt the batteries in any way but hey, an extra quarter volt is an extra quarter volt. If you're interested here is a link to the charger: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Tenergy-T-228-Plug-in-9V-NiMH-NiCd-Battery-Charger-/291061997854?pt=US_Rechargeable_Batteries&hash=item43c4a5a11e
  6. U-joints are certainly well made and I have never had one break whilst in use.
  7. Just hooked the battery up to an (unloaded) L motor, after an hour it was still going at a decent speed.
  8. Wires were soldered and properly insulated with heat-shrink tubing?
  9. Yeah, that price is kinda ridiculous. After the kickstarter I'll sell them on my website for $10 or $11, No clue why that would have happened, did some of your wires short out? I've had no problems myself so far.
  10. Alright, I tested current draw on the 9v battery with a stalled XL motor and got a number of 1.3 A The lego power function battery box overload kicks in at around 1 A, correct? So therefore a fully charged 9v battery can provide just as much, if not more, current as a 6 x AA lego battery box.
  11. @S.I While some sort of attachment system to lego would be nice, I agree that a full case would add bulk and take away the main benefit of a 9v battery - it's small size. @Blakbird I will test the 9v battery today for current draw and get back to you.
  12. @W3ird_N3rd Thank you for pointing out the flaws in my argument. I will test the batteries for voltage, amperage, mAh, run time on various motors and lights. I use my MOC's for about 10-15 minutes in one session. Probably every other day, but for the last week I've been using them every day as I was filming a youtube video. Thank you for pointing out my misconception a of smaller cell producing same amperage. But in practice I have seen no noticeable performance difference (aside from a shorter run time) Yes, EBL is a chinese brand but still has good batteries and reviews. I trust my supplier to give my EBL brand batteries. I got the cheapest shipping I possibly could in the circumstances (have a friend at a shipping business who quoted me the cheapest possible rates) Thank you for your feedback.
  13. In order to get a good price on everything (bulk), I need an upfront investment. This is where kickstarter comes in. After the campaign is over, I will sell them on my website or ebay (or both) for $12 - $15. So anyone who gets one now is getting a good deal
  14. There are different options, you can see them all here (they will be on the right side of the screen): https://www.kickstar...-lego-creations
  15. The rechargeable 9v batteries that I offer have 280 mah. I found that by charging one while the other is in use I am hardly ever without a fresh battery. I found no noticeable performance drop in any of the models I tested it in (RC buggy, rock crawler, mini L motor rally car, etc.) From what I understand of electronics, a battery with a lower capacity can still provide the same power (amperage) but just for a shorter time. I found the batteries and chargers from a moderately well known brand. I ordered several and have been testing them. In fact, it is those batteries that are used in the video. The power jack sounds interesting. Sorry that extra shipping is needed for europe, but I guarantee you that what I charge for shipping is lower than what it actually costs. Thank yo for your feedback! Thanks! Yes, the average diy tinkerer could probably slap together a basic cable. But my hopes are that the good quality and low prices can offset that. The rechargeable batteries and chargers are a real deal breaker in my opinion, as the bulk pricing I found is much lower than what you could get for yourself. I tested this extensively in models with RC motors (some of my fast buggies) and I found that it was just as fast and powerful. Same thing goes for my rock crawlers, there was no noticeable performance drop either. The only thing that dropped was the run time; the 9v battery tends to drain quicker than the larger Lipo or 6 x AA battery boxes. Thank you for your interest! I agree, the average tinkerer with electronics know-how could probably pull something off like this. But for those that can't, don't know how to, or want a refined finished product, this is probably the ideal way to achieve it. The 9v battery will be able to power as much stuff at once as a normal battery box, but just for a shorter time. If you use rechargeable 9v batteries (I offer them on my kickstarter as well as chargers) this shorter battery life shouldn't be much of a problem as you can simply replace the empty battery for a full battery and then charge the empty battery. But keep in mind that the main goal of this is so that you can build more compact models; there is a time and a place for a normal battery box. Like in your fox for instance. But the amount of stuff you can build once you don't have to worry about fitting in a bulky battery box is incredible. Thank you for your questions! The battery that i offer is a rechargeable NiMh battery, which is very stable. As long as you don't intentionally short out the battery or dunk the whole thing in water, there should be no risk of shortage. But just to see what would happen I took the whole thing and put it underwater with the battery attached. After sitting there for a while, I pulled it out and disconnected the battery. It still functions perfectly.
  16. Thank you for the suggestion! I will try to incorporate this into a 'stretch goal'. The reason I have not done this already is that adding lego mounting points would considerably increase the size, something that not everyone wants. Perhaps a self-applied adhesive-backed mounting strip would be ideal.
  17. Thanks! The rechargeable battery that I offer lasts about 1/3 as long as the lego LiPo battery. This doesn't sound like too much, but who completely drains the Lipo box in one session? I found that by charging one battery while using the other, there is rarely a time where I am without a full battery.
  18. Sounds like you were very thorough, good work!
  19. I'm wondering how did you measure the speed? It's just that the motors you are using are much less powerful than the RC motors and the battery box you are using is much heavier than the lipo..
  20. I never EVER have to edit my comments on youtube after posting a harsh reply to some idiot.
  21. 6 RC motors?!?!?!?!
  22. Wow, that sounds really really fast! I hope you take a video!!