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  1. II5hyena

    [MOC] 1989 Batmobile

    I agree. I think you should elongate the hood on the first design. That would make it look great.
  2. II5hyena

    Latest Cuusoo decision

    I actually wanted the exo-suit the most out of all the sets reviewed. It just seems like a perfect opportunity to get a challenging build without spending a lot of money. On another note, it looks like google isn't the only company with a slide in it's headquarters.
  3. Definitely the lego batmobile It's way better than the newer one, but it's a shame it's so expensive nowadays.
  4. II5hyena

    [WIP] Tintin Minifigures

    You could make Nestor, Castafiore, or Rastapopoulos, who seems to be the main villain behind the whole series.
  5. II5hyena

    What set took you the longest to build?

    When building large sets I would often run into this problem , and I only started sorting after realizing stuff like that wouldn't happen if I sorted in the first place.
  6. II5hyena

    What set took you the longest to build?

    Must have been this one: ho
  7. II5hyena

    [WIP] Tintin Minifigures

    I like Haddock the best also.
  8. II5hyena

    What set took you the longest to build?

    For me it seems like technic/bionicle/hero factory sets take longer to build than system sets take.
  9. II5hyena

    Lego Capes

    I'm not sure what lego capes are made of, but the standard cape comes in these colors: White, Light bley, Dark bley, Black, Dark red, Red, Sand red, Reddish brown, Brown, Dark brown, Tan, Orange, Bright light orange, Yellow, Dark green, Green, Sand green, Dark blue, Sand blue, Blue-violet, Violet, Dark purple, Purple, and Light purple. There are also other capes that have designs printed on them, like the amazon cape from the adventurers, and also some capes are vampire style.
  10. II5hyena

    What set took you the longest to build?

    Ouch. Sounds like you had fun.
  11. II5hyena

    The Simpsons 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    These look good. I'm hoping the heads in the picture aren't going to be the official heads. If they made the figures taller like in toy story sets, it might look better. But they just look awkward being that big.
  12. Which set took you the longest to build? Mine would probably be Muaka & Kane-Ra from bionicle. It took me a long time and it gave me the worst case of "Technic Hand" I've ever had.
  13. II5hyena

    Building MOCs like official sets

    Also, most Official Lego sets have at least one play feature included with them, so if you want to build MOC's like Official sets, then including play features would be a good challenge.
  14. II5hyena


    Wow that's really good! I can't wait for the Tie Bomber!