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  1. A Brand store is set to open in Birmingham, 19th of October. I would like to join, since I am in UK at that time. Only problem, I am in Manchester, and have no car. Anyone from Eurobricks going? And have a spare seat in there car? Send me a PM if you can help. Morten
  2. Morten

    [MOC] Mos Eisley Spaceport

    I made a cantina a few years ago, looked at different drawings and pictures. I made it 44 x 72 studs. That size could fit all the details, bar, band, tables etc. Morten
  3. Morten

    Billund 2018 trading post

    I Can use a Billund airport too, but for a fair price. Morten
  4. Morten

    (MOC) - Cavegod's UCS Sandcrawler

    That is so cool that you made instructions, that sandcrawler is just perfect! I Just finished Cavegods ATAT using you instructions you made Cjd223, but the instructions for the ATAT had some problems. It was (with my building skills) not possible to get the model done, so I had to rebuild the legs and a few more changes. I was really disappointed with the instructions for that model, and there was no reply when I E-mailed you for help, on how to mount the model on the legs etc!. It was like no-one had tried to build the model using the instructions. 60 $ is a lot of money, so before buying the instructions, I would like to be sure that the model can be build, so it works and drives like it is ment to do, using these instructions? You write that If one buys the instructions you can provide help if one send you an E-mail. Will that be the case with this model? Do the instructions cover installing all the motors and the powerfunktions? Morten
  5. I will come, and I am really looking forward. I will be in the Chalet with Copmike See you i may Morten
  6. Hi AFOLs Had some great days i Billund with you all. I am really looking forward to seeing you all at new LEGO-events and G├╝nzburg in 2017. Thanks to Holodoc, Bonaparte and CM for organising the hole thing and for the great event-set. It looks really nice at the shelf at home. Take care. Morten Sonne
  7. At the danish LUG Byggepladen, the ambassador made a list, where a limited ammount of members could sign up. Id did, and I picked up my invitation yesterday. Looking forward to the "event". Morten
  8. Morten

    Billund '16 trading post

    Hi Rolli I would like to buy: 2 x Admiral Yularen 1 x Stormtrooper Sergeant 2 x Martian manhunter 2 x Ghost polybag Is that okay? Morten
  9. Morten

    Eurobricks Event 2016 - Chalets

    Chalet 4 is booked and Paid. Morten
  10. Morten

    Eurobricks Event 2016 - Chalets

    Thanks Bonaparte. I have send an E-mail, now I am just waiting for them to reply. Morten
  11. Morten

    Eurobricks Event 2016 - Chalets

    Just tried to book online, and it said no Wild West cabins available at those dates? I will call them tomorrow and ask? Morten
  12. Morten

    Eurobricks Event 2016 - Chalets

    Chalet 4 is perfect for me, looking forward to hang out with you. Morten
  13. Won the D prize the 8th, great. Thanks CM. Morten
  14. Great, sign me in. Thanks. Just me, one person. I can be a chalet responsible. Morten