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  1. SorinO

    DUPLO Price per Brick

    Thanks for all of the responses! I don't have any kids yet, but plan to in the near future. The one thing I've definitely heard people say about DUPLO often is how pricy it is (which is saying something among people who are in to LEGO, which can already be a pricy hobby). That being the case, I thought I'd start keeping an eye out for DUPLO sets that were a good value and/or on sale, but then I realized I had no idea what constituted a "good value" where DUPLO was concerned. When I looked at the LEGO store site, it seemed like the first few sets I checked were around $1 per piece, which was disheartening. Then I came across "My First Garden (10517)" which is just $13 for 38 pieces (about $0.34/piece!). As far as I can tell, though, there's no easy way to find those kinds of sets other than clicking on each set and doing the math. I wish there was a way to search by price/piece.
  2. Over the years, I've seen several discussions about what a good price/piece ratio is for LEGO, and $0.10 (US) per brick/piece seems to be what most people consider the general rule for standard system LEGO. I haven't had any luck finding similar discussions or a general rule for DUPLO, though. I was wondering what the general consensus is, then. What do you consider a good price per brick ratio to be for DUPLO? Are there any resources to find sets that are a good value? Thanks for your help!
  3. SorinO

    Dress my Exo Suit Mini-challenge - Voting thread

    Category A: #2 #8 #10
  4. Quite an amazing in-depth review! I'm actually very disappointed at the high number of stickers vs. printed parts (arrows, ship number, etc.). It's still looks like a great set, though, and I'll most-likely still buy it. Might wait for it to go on sale, though, rather than buying at full price.
  5. Thanks for sharing this with us, and please keep posting updates when you can! This is the type of project I would love to do if I had more time, space and money (and talent). Looks great now, and can't wait to see how it looks when you're done!
  6. Similar situation in San Francisco. The sales associate was very helpful, but I couldn't get my hands on any (or even see them). After looking them up and going to the back for them, he came back and let me know that the manager told him he wasn't allowed to release them. He also said that even if he brought them out, I wouldn't be able to buy them because they wouldn't ring up at the register.
  7. SorinO

    FABULAND Vehicle Contest: Voting Thread

    2. Cecilie - 2 7. Rick - 2 11. KartoffelViking - 1 Nice work from everyone.
  8. SorinO

    FABULAND Building Contest: Voting Thread

    4. Pilili Cuicui - 1 7. Rufus and Pandora - 1 8. Kristel - 2 9. Purpearjellyblob - 1
  9. I'm not nearly as interested in Series 10's selection of minifigs as I was in Series 8 or 9, but here are the ones I'm hoping to pick up. Top: Roman Soldier 2nd: Librarian 3rd: Medusa
  10. SorinO

    New Licensed Theme Rumor Mill

    I had an interesting thought. Considering the very large number of characters on the Simpsons, and the success LEGO has had with the collectible minifigures, could LEGO possibly be considering doing a series or two (or five or ten - there's a lot of characters on that show!) of collectible Simpsons minifigs, rather than making Simpsons sets?
  11. Apologies if this is common knowledge, but has anyone else noticed that all of the minifigs in this series seem to be right-handed? At least all of them that are holding things (mugs, tools, weapons) are. Is that always the case? Are there no left-handed minifigs in the world of LEGO? Might be interesting to look through pictures of all of the older series (and sets, too) to see if I can find some left-handers.
  12. Anyone think we might see the moth in an Orthanc set? They could probably just make the Friends or Belville butterfly in grey.