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  1. Bow ties are cool! Especially when they are made of LEGO. I've been a fan of Doctor Who since its re-vamp in 2005. So I just had to do something for the 50th anniversary. So here's my take on Matt Smith as the Doctor. It took me about a week and a half to build -- or two and a half months because I had to put the "blueprints" aside for a couple months while I was busy with LEGO Cons and commissions. Any how, enjoy! http://modelbuilding...17/11th-doctor/
  2. Mariann Asanuma

    LEGO Google Chrome Logo Mosaic

    I was asked by Google to help celebrate their 4th anniversary of Google Chrome. They wanted a 5x5 foot mosaic building event that could be made by the Google Chrome team. As I had less than 2 weeks notice I created a variation of the mystery mosaics that LEGO does except than instead of using 1x1 bricks and 6x6 plates I used 2x2 bricks and 16x16 plates. You can a more detailed recap on my Model Building Secrets blog.
  3. Mariann Asanuma

    REVIEW: 4625 Pink Brick Box

    Yes, its a dark purple torso.
  4. Mariann Asanuma

    REVIEW: 4625 Pink Brick Box

    So I was at the LEGO store last week and I found this little gem a of a set. Set Name: Pink Brick Box Set Number: 4625 Number of Elements: 224 Price: $14.99 USD I am not a girly girl, but even I was excited by the great colors and parts in this fun set. If for some reason you are not into the Friends sets (although I can't see why you would be ), this is a good alternative to get at least the new lavender colored plates. It comes with 3 bags, a 6x12 green plate, the new orange brick separator, and an exclusive minifig Small bag Medium bag Big bag Exclusive Minifig -- I have to admit, this is one of the reasons I got the whole tub She even has back printing I had a bit of fun with the bricks and came up with this scene -- and no there are not inverted magenta slopes, I just turned part of the heart upside-down This was my first chance to use the new brick separator. Although I find that many of the new changes are useful, I like the thicker body of the original, this one is almost too thin to be a great tool. Overall rating: 9 out of 10 It is currently available, at least in the US on Final thoughts: It has a great price point, awesome parts, the new brick separator, and a very cool minifig! As I think back to previous pink tubs, I find I really like this one. The fact that there were very few "normal" colors and a whole bunch of the rarer ones really made me love this set. I am seriously tempted to buy a few more of this set if just for the color assortment.
  5. Mariann Asanuma

    Lego Printed Tiles

    I have several of these. I have a DS, but not the kind that the case fits in. I just sold my cases off and kept the tiles. I still haven't used them in a build but I have seen them used as billboards in Town layouts. I also saw them used for a movie theater as the screen. There are lots of uses for them.
  6. Mariann Asanuma

    Wedding Table Decoration Set

    Well, I could make one that matches your colors
  7. Mariann Asanuma

    MOC: Remembering 9/11

    I'm a couple of days late but I couldn't let the 10th anniversary of 9/11 pass without creating something to commemorate it. You can read more about it on my Model Building Secrets blog. And see more pictures on Flickr.
  8. Mariann Asanuma

    LEGO Perot Museum of Science and Nature

    Yes, I glued the whole model, one brick at a time. I had to, I was shipping it from California to Texas.
  9. Hi guys and gals! I just recently finished one of my largest commissioned pieces and I can now share it with all of you. This is the Perot Museum of Science and Nature that is currently being built in Dallas, Texas. Here's what the rendered image looks like: Because the interior can be seen through the "glass" windows I had to make 5 floors worth of walkways. For the next month it will be on display at the Dallas Cityscape Exhibit. You can read more about it on my Model Building Secrets blog.
  10. Mariann Asanuma

    New lego batman videos?

    Check this out: WB builds LEGO Partnership
  11. Mariann Asanuma

    Lego Pirate Books

    You can see the Bricklink prices for them on Bricklink
  12. Mariann Asanuma

    The Market District (MOC)

    Awesome model! I posted it on my Model Building Secrets blog.
  13. Hi all I was fortunate enough to be shown some new BrickForge Prototypes by Armothe. There's some fun new bottles, beakers, a martini glass and even a spill / splat piece. The laser beams and new gem elements are very cool but what most caught my eye is the 1x1 tiles!!!!!!! Here's an overall picture of all the prototypes he had to show me. Armothe said that they will all be available within a couple of weeks. I wrote some more about this on my Model Building Secrets blog. I see a lot of potential for all these elements and I look forward to getting some more of these soon.
  14. Dawnine,

    Yes there is a LEGO group for the LA / Orange County Area called Lugola.

    I actually live down in Escondido, but I'm a member of both the Lugola and SandLUG (San Diego's) club and I usually make it to most of the meetings.

    My Address:

    2429 Patterson Rd.

    Escondido, CA.

    My email:


  15. Mariann Asanuma

    Helloooooooo! From So Cal!

    Welcome to Eurobricks Where in So Cal are you located? As I'm a fellow So Cal resident I was wondering if you know about the San Diego and LA LEGO groups. If you don't we'd love to have you come and check out a meeting. And I'd be interested in the box as well -- Mariann