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  1. Hey guys, after a few years of absence, (i watched eurobricks a few times a year) i thought it was time for me to walk out of the shadow... I just read the post about the disney deal, and something amazing popped up in my mind, and i though: let's share it with the lego-pirate lovers! I remember a few years ago there was a discussion going on about the rights of the movieseries: 'pirates of the caribean'. I'm amazed none of you guys jumped up when you read about the disney deal, because (drums playing) the rights are property of disney, so... this means that lego is one step closer to creating the black pearl and isla de muerta etc. etc. Let me know what you guys think, it was a hot issue a few years ago, and perhaps that's what can kill this brilliant idea (the series have ended last year unforrunately)... ---Regret is useless in life, it's in the past (Marlon Brando)
  2. n'henk pas

    V-wing on S@H

    If lego is smart, which i'll recon they are..... they will rerelease the republic gunship, i mean it's just such an iconic new trilogy ship, it's like the x-wing was for the OT, i mean lego has to rerelease it, and they will surely make a lot of money with it (well hope this helped lego when they typed: "rerelease;star wars;lot of money" in google search :-D )
  3. n'henk pas

    V-wing on S@H

    I would love to get my hands on an at-at, I could have buyed one, but that was in my dark ages, i think lego will release a new one, perhaps with captain Needa X-D, but i'm not quite certain about this, i mean the only set i can imagine being rereleased is a republic gunship, i mean i've read hundreds of posts of both AFOL's and kids which really wanted a new gunship, that, plus it's such an iconic ship of the new trilogy, makes me believe they will rerelease that one fast... (just hoping *pirate* ) but, if there's going to be a new at-at, it will almost certainly replace the turbo tank, do you like that? do you want to be responsable for that?! i mean the vehicle with the best suspension ever! (only heard that, didn't get my hands on one hehe :-P ).... oh hech what am i saying, lego will rerelease one anyway :-P
  4. n'henk pas

    Jabba's Sailbarge Review

    Funny detail: some of the figures on the box are yellow :-P , thanks for your review, my first impressions are good, except the sieze of it, it looks rather small 8-
  5. n'henk pas

    Slave I Pic-Review

    thanks for the comparison pictures! but i'm still curious about the back of jango fett's slave1 *minifig* EDIT: after having a good look at jango fett's i think lego did a teriffic restyle! i really love the new one, it's just nearly perfect, but i stick to my origanal point, it's really expensive, especially for an ordinary schoolboy who collects this kind of ships..... :'(
  6. n'henk pas

    Slave I Pic-Review

    Hey, I didn't know this was THAT kind of website! :-D LOL, yeah allright you know what i mean you hairy old man :P
  7. n'henk pas

    Slave I Pic-Review

    Hi guys, i've been off eurobricks for a while now, but when i logged in yesterday.... :oD AWESOME! thanks for the revieuw! p.s: could someone post a picture of jango's backside for camporison? i never got my hands on jango's slave1 p.p.s. : damn, why are these european prices that high :( (
  8. n'henk pas

    2004/2005 Sets and discussion thread

    hm, fbtb, i often visit the site but i can't join it (i'm thinking about discrimination cause i live in europe |-/ ) but i hope they gonna post something less blurry tommorow and if fbtb already has a clear picture of the v-wing, just show us the damn thing!
  9. n'henk pas

    2004/2005 Sets and discussion thread

    i do think it's a pity they didn't make a new han in carbonite though...
  10. n'henk pas

    2004/2005 Sets and discussion thread

    i don't know it yet..... you know it's a bit fat from top to bottom..... but, i probaply buy it as my last set (always say that) because i still have no slave-1...
  11. n'henk pas

    2005 Wishlist

    i voted for the sail barge, but there's one thing i really, really, really want: UCS Executor: Vadar's capital ship, it's just sooo cool in the movie, i love it! but i don't think theyre going to make a ship that big and if you already own the SD you probaply get a ship as big as the SD and in the movies it's three times as big as the SD... another thing i would really, really love is a new gunship with Yoda and Mace Windu (both not LUL) and three or four clones of the 501st flying the new gunship... and last but not least: i would really love a lego gungan shield beast,although it's not a ship i would like a few more gungans so i can build a gungan army... (which will be crushed by my clones affcorse :P )
  12. n'henk pas

    Best redesign's

    thanks for all your opinion's, it helped me out a bit to, because i was thinking to get the x-wing or the millenium falcon... i think i'm going for the falcon now, or i'll complete my episode III collection and buy the turbo tank...
  13. n'henk pas

    2005 Wishlist

    i thought that sam said the clone in the v-wing is similar to the ones in the ARC-170... i choosed for the slave-1 because i didn't manage to take one of the other slave-1's |-/