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  1. The boom is finished and the turret too. I'm building the truck, arrived at page 47 i take few seconds to understand why the 20T on page 27 get an arrow... Now I know. At this time, I don't find any error in instructions, it's a very good good good work. I will print them on A3 because they're really beautiful. I will use a render posted previously here as first page. I take a real pleasure to build it and to understand how everything was designed for a perfect integration.
  2. Oups, an error in my question, how to attach a return cable for the third party ? I try ... but no result !
  3. How to attach the cable for the third party of the boom ?
  4. No, at this time, i'm waiting 2 orders from bricklink and without, i can't start building the truck or the boom. You have to wait a few days.
  5. Thank you Blackbird. What do you think about the top in black color ? For me, full yellow ... is too yellow ! I have a very easy access to the battery just 4 pin retain the top. If anybody want more photo, with disassembly parts, i can do it. The main mechanical structure is the same in the GMK instruction's. If think, it's the same of original 42009 by Jurgen no ?
  6. Hi, I thank and congratulate those who have worked on this MOC to share 3D models and instructions. I follow the project since long time. I assembled the version of Jurgen. Since the original version, which I do not like is the turret. After making several changes (tests) on the turrets, I got this last version At this time, i'm waiting for some extra parts from bricklink for build the chassis and boom. I hope the lengh between the turntable and the "end" is not too long for prevent the turret to turn 360° on the chassis.