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  1. I recently got back into lego to realize my childhood dream of creating a huge martian city for the "Life on mars" theme from the early 2000s. I'm interested in buying any and all parts that could be used in the line including martians, printed pieces, complete or partial sets, tube system components and ALL Sand purple, Sand red, and Sand blue pieces. I'm looking for lots since LOM had so many unique colors, prints and pieces so Bricklink isn't a great option. I realize this line was very unpopular so I'm sure some people on here wouldn't mind parting with their pieces from it. Thank you for your time.
  2. ComputerBug

    MOC: Emmet's gothic Supercycle

    It neither looks like emmet's bike nor anything gothic. I suppose you could of made this emmet impersonating batman by modifying his bike into a sort of bat-bike to impress Wyldestyle. But as a gothic version of emmets bike I feel it's kind of lackluster.
  3. Dredged up from my sleep away from this website. I'll probably post like biweekly at most but LEGO isn't really one of my main interests anymore. Nobody is reading this or missed me in the first place though so I suppose I have nothing to worry about.

    1. Dannylonglegs


      I read this. Sorry to see you no longer hang out at EU. :/ I had a brief Hiatus myself. :)

  4. ComputerBug

    LEGO Ultra Agents 2014

    Terabyte is by far my favorite figure with Toxikita as a close second. I'm hoping a villian base is in this line's near future considering the fact that the Volcano Base of the earlier agents line is probably my favorite set of all time and all of Ogel's bases in Alpha Team were excellently done. I'm hoping for possibly an evil lunar base or a floating satellite since we haven't scene those before in the world of lego. Though the satellite idea seems highly unlikely.
  5. ComputerBug

    LEGO Ultra Agents 2014

    Why is that very hard to imagine yourself if we've already got really HQ images of those parts and their heads really aren't too different? Also you could do without the odd wording and spelling errors. But anyhow, here's an MSpaint mock up I did to satiate your curiosity.
  6. ComputerBug

    LEGO Ultra Agents 2014

    If only her name was Toxikda. Then it would be Toxik-daZaster.
  7. ComputerBug

    LEGO Ultra Agents 2014

    I like to imagine that Dr.Inferno either just lost his damn mind or got thoroughly injured in some accident and infearno is the result. Maybe he was Spanish to begin with. Other than the obvious ideas of D.zaster/slime face being the "creator" of adam acid, Toxikita and Retox I can't think of any other references that can be interpreted.
  8. ComputerBug

    LEGO Ultra Agents 2014

    Any chance we could see Terabyte without his helmet? Or extra views of his helmet? I do hope he has a double sided face.
  9. ComputerBug

    Monster Fighters 2012

    Gadzooks! I didn't expect voodoo zombies, what a pleasant surprise. Seems pretty dark for lego but that's definitly an improvement compared to previous lines. I'm hoping that this will be based off of the above-ground cemeteries in New Orleans and have some kind of voodoo shack and possibly some mini-minifigures printed to look like voodoo dolls.
  10. I'm pretty sure it was the yellow construction hat until that toy story set came out. Now I'm not too sure.
  11. ComputerBug

    LEGO Octopus Set?

    It doesn't sound like lego to me. I don't recall them ever selling sets with sticky things or suction cups.
  12. ComputerBug

    Monster Fighters 2012

    I'm pretty sure it's glow in the dark. It reminds me of the color the skull from "the curse of the mummy" looked so that's my guess. I personally think it's pretty cool that they're fitting so much glow in the dark stuff into this theme.
  13. ComputerBug

    The next space theme....

    Like I've said a billion times before and I'll say it again. SPACE CITY!!! We need a them like city except with futuristic buildings and vehicles. No conflict, just a space themed futuristic city. It'd be so incredible if they put the same amount of effort in as they do with normal city. I'd probably buy every set. But I imagine the next theme Is going to be pretty lame. What'd be even cooler is to have a darker themed space line. Something creepy and serious, but lego would never do that.
  14. ComputerBug

    Ideas for New Action Themes

    Know what would be a good way to combine most of the ideas and I'm shocked nobody has mentioned it? TIME TRAVELERS! They could visit time periods with romans (like what everyone keeps begging for), Amazon jungles with ancient tribes in their prime (everyone keeps beging for that too), cavemen with dinosaurs, and a dark dystopian future(With giant robots or crazy futuristic cars to appease the racer fans?) created by evil time travelers that they need to stop. They wouldn't have to be dedicated to a certain area or time period so lego could see which time periods sell the best and make more sets for them. And if lego wanted to they could have the time travel devices for the good guys be crazy clockwork steampunk devices and the badguys would have futuristic cyberpunk devices. EVERYONE WINS!
  15. ComputerBug

    Monster Fighters 2012

    I LOVE those sketches! I hope they actually make those ghost hunting pieces, they'd be awesome! It seems they've butchered some of his ideas though, such as his great werewolf design, and his frankenstein/lab looked way more greebly and dark/creepy than what we're getting. Which stinks because his design was incredible! I also would've liked to see that banshee made,the haunted manor, or that ghost ship. the concepts on this page remind me strongly of older sets where they focused more on appearance. Not really sure where medusa fits in at all though.