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  1. kris kelvin

    {MOC} Small city diorama

    Thanks a lot for very nice feedback guys :) There are some closer looks for cars and small things:
  2. kris kelvin

    MOC - You know what I am? I'm a dog chasing cars.

    Thanks guys :) Always nice.
  3. kris kelvin

    {MOC} Small city diorama

    Just small city road with few buildings. It will be part of much bigger diorama. More photos here in Flickr photostream: Well, enjoy :)
  4. I was building a small hospital for my daughter and her friand and it ended like this :) Of course it`s rather my interpretation than the actual presentation of the movie scene. Thanks to Kalais for photos.
  5. kris kelvin

    [MOC] Fantasy medieval house front

    Well, that is one fine-looking MOC :) Well done.
  6. kris kelvin

    Alpha Centauri "Copernicus Base"

    Thanks all for nice comments. It`s nica as always :) By the way. Here it is another part of this diorama. Plant facility "Linnaeus":
  7. kris kelvin

    Alpha Centauri "Copernicus Base"

    Well, it`s hard to tell. Many bricks bought from Lego LUGBULK Program (much cheaper than BL, especially baseplates), but overall it was costly project. Thanks all for nice comments guys :)
  8. kris kelvin

    Alpha Centauri "Copernicus Base"

    Hello. It`s my lastest MOC or rather my lastest WIP. It` still missing few buildings and lots of details but I can`t finish this so… Everyone colonizes Mars so I decided to send my minifigs (who are not present as you can see :D) to Alpha Centauri. It`s not easy to explore space with family! Here are some photos: And that`s all.
  9. kris kelvin

    Brothers Grimm

    One of the best MOC`s I`ve seen in the last few years :) Well done Sir.
  10. kris kelvin

    DC Superheroes 2016 - Rumors and Discussion

    It looks just awful. This big stud-wals??? Give me a break. 100% pass for me.
  11. kris kelvin

    [MOC] Yet another UCS AT-AT

    I`m a little bit late dmac but have to say this. Just incredible MOC my friend :)
  12. kris kelvin

    The Untouchables

    Thanks guys, but... LOL. This is 5 years old :D