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  2. Favorite Space Line?

    Classic Space (above all) Futuron (as it complements CS) Blacktron I Galaxy Squad Space Police III Exploriens
  3. How successful was Galaxy Squad?

    The GS vehicles catched my eyes first, but then the insects' vehicles grew on me too. I enjoy the theme a lot. For me, it was close in spirit to CS, with colored spacemen, and nice looking ships with gimmicks (separating into several sub-ships for example). The bugs reminded me of District 9. All in all, very neat. A lot of white pieces to buld large spaceships. I strongly recommend it. The second wave sets were heavily discounted in France and the theme was clearly not popular at the time. But curiously, I had troubles finding the "first" wave sets to complete my collection.
  4. Thank you for the initiative and for the hard work. I appreciate having all the modifications in a single and clear pdf.
  5. LEGO Sci-Fi 2014 Pictures and Rumors

    Very impressive indeed...
  6. [MOC] Classic Spaceship: Dunstar Explorer

    Very cool! Real CS spirit! The only thing that bugs me are the white plane reactors, but I remember I also found them tempting when I was young. I really like the second and third pictures.
  7. LEGO Sci-Fi 2014 Pictures and Rumors

    Arghhh... shipping date will be July 4th for (my?) Benny's Spaceship... They sold to fast for me!
  8. Impressive model... Thanks for the review!
  9. Home Sweet Home - Voting thread

    Category A : 3 : 2 pts 5 : 1 pt 24 : 1 pt Category B: 9 : 2 pts 7 : 1 pt 17 : 1 pt
  10. Duplo Trains discussion

    The Intelli-train was released at a time when The Lego Group was having huge financial problems (2003, although the development probably took more than 2 years.). The name "Duplo" was even abandonned at that time, and the intelli train was in the "Explore" range (which makes it somehow difficult to find on Peeron). One expensive thing to develop (that was already there in the previous iterations 3932 and 3933, as well as 2741 and 2745) was the "reverse direction" feature. After a quick survey on kids' requirements, TLG realised that kids were not using all the functionnalities, and especially If they want the train to move backwards, they simply take it off, and put it back on the track in the opposite direction. So the new trains do not have such extra features, in order to reduce development and production costs (and the Duplo brand is back). I personally enjoy the Intelli train a lot, they have became quite rare and vauable. Following Peter Nolan, I will probably replace the broken pinion on mine soon (although the eBay price for a new one is a little high I think).
  11. A bunch of famous micro vehicles.

    Knight rider and the Mean Machine from wacky racers? Congratulations for all of them!
  12. LEGO Sci-Fi 2014 Pictures and Rumors

    The complete Galaxy Squad range is also gone from S@H in France (and all over EU I think). Too bad, I really enjoyed it.
  13. I opened mine today, and got #22, which i'm very happy with. I think the distribution was completely random (all plates have probably been mixed before being packed in all the bags).
  14. Quest for Inter-City Train

    Very interesting quest... Sorting some City lot from the 80's, I noticed a lot of train windows (like the ones from my 7710, but yellow instead of blue). After a little search I found they were from the 7740. Unfortunately, there were no train bases, no boogies, no couplers, no track, and no motor. But almost all the other bricks, windows (some rare and expensive like the small grey ones), slopes (yellow, grey, corner), were there ! I then started a quest similar to yours, but noticeably different : my 7740 now runs with Power Function, new boogies, new couplers. I agree this is not the real one, but that was the trade-off to have it running without exploding my budget...
  15. Duplo Trains discussion

    I don't know if this is the best location for that, and I don't want to hijack the topic, so please tell me, I'll remove that and post it elsewhere. With in mind the idea to have System trains run on Duplo tracks (I have a lot of Duplo tracks) I faced several challenges. The first one being that old (I mean 80's) boogies won't touch the sleeper of Duplo tracks, because their axle is encapsulated in a brick which is too thick. Fortunately, recent (present PF at least) boogies have almost no plastic below their axle and there is enough free space so they can run on Duplo track. Then I came to the same problem as the one Robert indicates and illustrates here : together with the fact that Duplo rail spacing is shorter... But System wheels are running on the flange of the rail on their System rails, while they have to run on their outer circunference on the Duplo tracks. Using the not-so-appreciated flexible tracks, I built this : which works pretty well with recent boogies. Here is a side view : and a top view : It is funny (although most probably not random) : the flexible track inner rails (not realistic at all) have the same spacing as the Duplo rails.