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  1. KyoKyo

    REVIEW: 8088 ARC-170 Starfighter

    This set rocks! excellent review Kim. I do have a question: When is it being released in the U.S? A buddy of mine got if for Christmas and he said it was from Toys R Us, and the TRU website says its out of stock. I really hope this set doesnt go the way of the Republic Fighter Tank last Fall when they sold out in Target after about 2 weeks. I checked a local TRU and of course, after Christmas, they had a couple of Home One sets and a smashed Solar Sailor and that was it...
  2. KyoKyo

    Republic R-Wing

    Excellent job! How did you make it stand like that? It's a little hard to tell from the pictures. Will it stand on its own?
  3. KyoKyo

    The US price hike

    Somewhat yes, but like some of our members have been saying, the sales tax per state fluctuates abut it does not really depend where the LEGOs are shipped from, prices will hold to what LEGO declares them to be. Just because my AT-TE was produced in Meixco doesn't necessarily mean that the dollar price of it will be in relation to the peso. If this economic mess ever rights itself you may see more stabilized prices. For example, East coast U.S prices for Warhammer models from England have dropped recently over the last few months. I beleive in the U.S, imports are held against the domestic currnecy of the importing nation, not necessarily the Euro
  4. KyoKyo

    LEGO Star Wars 2008 dissapointing?

    I've been away from Star Wars legos for years until i saw the new V19 and since then, ive bought the MTT, AT-TE, Hailfire Droid set, the Seperatist Spider Droid and my favorite, the Republic Fighter Tank (FINALLY lego released it ) For someone who has been out of Legos for years, these new sets are really exciting for me. I could see how for the OT fans and old lego veterans this year could be dull, but i love the bright, bold colors of the new sets and the makeovers! Did I mention i love the Fighter Tank? Anyway, i hope 2009 is just as good. Otherwise, I'll spend my Christmas money on my Lizardmen Army for Warhammer
  5. I had hoped they would release this set in the U.S in time for Christmas, along with the other new sets, but I guess not. Thanks for the review! I think I'm sold on this set once it comes out. It looks very nice and the build seems easy enough.
  6. KyoKyo

    7674 - V19 Torrent Starfighter Review.

    lol apparently not. I don't understand either.
  7. KyoKyo

    Review: 8009 R2-D2

    wow this set is a blast from the past! Nice job on the review. I think I remember seeing this set years ago at K-Mart but thought that it look like a gutted trash can so I didn't get it
  8. KyoKyo

    UCS : AT-TE By BossK

    impressive! most impressive! how many pieces did you use? That thing is ENORMOUS
  9. KyoKyo

    MOD - White Jedi Starfighter

    wow great job! Just to be sure, this fighter is the Jedi starfighter successor to the fighter flown by obi-wan in AoTC right? I think this one is called the Ecta-2 actis. The clone wars has so many variants of ships i get confused.
  10. KyoKyo

    Review: Rogue Shadow set #7672

    Good job! I've heard numerous complaints about how the wings fall off. For me, the set really isn't anything special. I wasn't a huge fan of the game (it had limitless potential but alas) and the Shadow looks kind of, well, weird. I won't be in any rush to buy this set but thanks for the pics and good review!
  11. KyoKyo

    A question about the V-19

    The fighter is tilted because of how back-heavy the fighter is. It's not a design flaw. The dorsal fin would put a lot of stress on the frame so they tilted it forward to balance it. It might've fallen over otherwise.
  12. KyoKyo

    2008 Picture thread

    Since I'm an unsophisticated American barbarian I don't know what he means.... I'm a little worried about the Venator Star Destroyer Set. It's not that big. I beleive the Trade Federation MTT has more pieces than the Venator is supposed to have. I hope it's not made up of a bunch of huge plate pieces like the Imperial Star Destroyer was. I think the Venator is at or under 1,100 peices. It has the potential to be a great set but I honestly hope Lego doesn't make it combersome to build or move like the original destroyer. I also hope they give us ample clone troopers and maybe even speciality minifigs! (ARC Troopers anyone? ) Only time will tell....
  13. KyoKyo

    What do you like best?

    In terms of scale and design, the new clone wars sets are really very very sharp looking. The old AT-Te looks like a fat caterpillar... The color schemes and buildability of the new CW sets are top-of-the-line for Legos i think. Don't get me wrong, the OT sets, especially the B-Wing ( ) are very nice too. But you can tell that Lego has come a long way in terms of design and movie authenticity with the new CW sets when compared to older sets, such as the Ep II sets from 2002.
  14. KyoKyo

    My creation Mini Star Wars EP.1-3

    OoOOOO. I lilke the V-Wing fighter. Excellent work!
  15. KyoKyo

    The Republic I-Wing Fighter

    Wow! great job! I like how you made everything on the set fit together nicely. If I didn't know star wars, I would have thought it was an actual set! I'm guessing you used a lot of pieces from the Jedi starfighter w/ hyperdrive ring set. You do an impressive job on all your mods. A+!