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  1. All your collections look great, i must admit I'm a little jealous . . .off to bricklink to find my missing minifigs
  2. jtr

    [Review] 75038 Jedi Interceptor

    Great review. My kids (and I) have both interceptor sets, I only wish the alternative head printing came without the printed head gear - communicator
  3. looks great, ah love the blacktron themes - really enjoyed it, thanks for sharing
  4. jtr

    New LEGO Train Magazine - A Proposal

    I second this, or third, fourth it . . .. . with a focus on the how would make me want to buy
  5. Hi all, not really sale related, but is . . sale related, there's a bad joke here somewhere but . . . anybody know which retailer and when they might stock the new modular brick bank set ?
  6. I got the big W toy sale catalouge . . . they had both the new-new cargo train ($225) and the USC star wars sand crawler ($385) and the USC Avengers helicarrier (not sure price). Looks like I'll be spending big at Big W. Sorry this seesm to be old news . . . .
  7. jtr

    What Goes Into Your City From Other Themes?

    Super Hero sets make it into the city layout a lot. The buildings work well, Avengers tower, daily bugle, Arkahm asylum, Bat Cave, Joker fun house - we've had them all, at one stage, in the city layout. The Batcar has raced down main road to "get" the baddies, Spiderman has swung from Town hall or Pet Store, and unfortunately Hulk has smashed . . . - this happen often, especially the Alien Conquest themeand the kids also love playing with Ninjago in the city layout.
  8. Target 20% off lego friends and city, plus they had stock off two elves sets
  9. jtr

    [MOC] Modular Bike Shop and Cafe 31026 (WIP)

    Looks great, very inspiring. I like the area design. Anyway A+
  10. jtr

    LEGO Sci-Fi 2015 Pictures and Rumors

    It seems like Lego is building up to something, I could be wrong or looking meaning were there is none. Lets list the recent classic space releases . . . 1. Classic Space White mininfig 2014 2. Benny's space ship 2014 3. Exo suit 2014 4. City square - Futuron minifig 2015 did I get it all ? is there more to come ?
  11. jtr

    LEGO Sci-Fi 2015 Pictures and Rumors

    I can, to sell more 180 sets . . . . . and for other city sets
  12. When i click the link, I can see skyhopper ($39), gunship ($99) and the AAT ($39) set - they seem pretty expensive . . .but they are marked not available online
  13. jtr

    LEGO Sci-Fi 2015 Pictures and Rumors

    Considering the release of other classic themes i'm starting to get my hopes up. Castle in 2014, pirates in 2015, plus a few sub themes such as agents, aqua?zone (any else?) so maybe Space in 2016 .. . ?
  14. Big W sort of have a sale, $88 for large demolition set 60076 http://brickset.com/...Demolition-Site They also had Agent 2014 Inferno interception for $29 http://brickset.com/sets/70162-1/Infearno-Interception
  15. Hi there, *Not sure if this is the right thread, so please move if required.* I'm heading to San Francisco for work and have a small window to shop around and soak of the culture - i'm from Australia. So .. . Please could somebody recommend a good place to buy Lego sets in San Francisco near Market street, Tenderloin And I guess some other recommendation to soak up that culture and food Cheers in advance