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    LEGO, LEGO, LEGO, LEGO!! My favourite theme is Castle. Some of my other interests is making stop motion LEGO movies, soccer, fantasy novels, Star Trek and I am also a big Nintendo fan.


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  1. Great, will do :) I'm working on a small Game of Thrones moc... hopefully I'll have it done in time, but I won't make any promises! Also, I love the new display at the Fairview Lego store, great job to whoever built it!
  2. Hey Jeff! I'm planning on coming. I've been going to Brickfair for the past few years but now that we have a convention in Toronto, I can't tell you how excited I am! I can't wait :)
  3. Hey Eurobricks, long time no see! I have a Green Grocer that I am hoping to sell. The box has been opened, however, all the bags are still sealed and everything is included. I am looking for $500.00 or best offer. Additionally I have 2 of the exclusive Hulk minifigs that I would also like to sell. I'm looking for $25.00 each. Thanks!!
  4. Cool, I picked up a whole lot of those 'shrooms at BrickFair, they're great!
  5. Lost Viking

    Mystery FREE Raffle!

    Sure, game on.
  6. Hey, I duck taped arrows on the floor pointing to the exit and I think I did a pretty good job
  7. Lost Viking

    Bullion Hills Mining Co.

    o_O Were you at BrickFair? I swear I saw that MOC there!
  8. Lost Viking

    4898 raffle tread

    Sure, I'm game!
  9. Lost Viking

    Come to BrickFair!

    I am attending BrickFair this summer and there is a "Youtube contest" in which we make a video to advertise the event and whichever video gets the most views wins... so pretty much I am asking everyone to watch and share this video. Thanks! If anyone is interested in the event, check out the BrickFair site. :)
  10. Lost Viking

    The Universe logo + minifig

    Even though it is only online, you still have to buy the game in a store.
  11. Are you serious, you've never heard of Starcraft!?!
  12. LEGO sales have been drastically dropping over the past decade or so, but what is it that has been driving the sales to decrease? Some may say that it is due to the recent lack of originality, others may account it to the increase of competition, but I believe that it is due to the many new types of entertainment, specifically in the form of Video Games. Now, of course, TLC already realizes this blatant fact of modern society, they're even acting upon it by publishing several titles, spanning across many genres, from "LEGO Racers", "LEGO Star Wars" and even into the MMO world with "LEGO Universe". Many of these games (surprisingly) are great, and sure, I believe that it definitely is helping TLC with the recent financial struggles. But what has always baffled me is how TLC, now that they are on top of their game when it comes to LEGO Video Games (hehe), why they aren't making Video Game LEGO? Sure the Video Game world may be a little intimidating at first with all of the violence, weapons... prostitutes, it basically is everything TLC stands against. But there is one exception, one great company that shares the same morals as TLC and that is Nintendo. I believe Suvie has the perfect idea, the Nintendo universe is SO vast, containing limitless themes and possibilities! It would even be used as a "bridge" theme that would let Video Game enthusiasts venture into the world of LEGO and even create many new AFOL's!
  13. Lost Viking

    I am Searching for...

    That's exactly it, thanks a bunch!!!
  14. Lost Viking

    I am Searching for...

    Hey guys! I remember seeing a site a while back that sold historical mini-fig scale LEGO war vehicles, such as tanks, plains, etc. and I am looking for the site again but to no prevail. I am asking if anyone knows the site I am talking about. Thanks for the help!
  15. Lost Viking

    Animated .gif Help

    Great! I'll send you a PM.