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  1. Good Cragger Fan

    Ninjago 2013

    It seems as though "Penkid11" doesn't already know that.
  2. Good Cragger Fan

    Legends of Chima 2013

    What does everyone think of my new signature, as it is related to the Legends of Chima theme?

  4. Good Cragger Fan

    LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 10 Discussion

    What was the name of the store that you were at there when you found some Minifigures Series 10? Wow, that is a lot of collectable minifigure boxes of Minifigures Series 10! I have never, ever seen that many at one particular store at the same time! Anyway, I thank you for this information, and therefore, it seems that they have finally shown up in Western Canada at last! Here is an edit: May I suggest in you using the "Collectable Minifigures Sightings and Availability" thread or even the "Canada Eh?" thread for discussions such as this?
  5. Good Cragger Fan

    Legends of Chima-Overall Thoughts

    I say amen! to all these comments, especially the last one! (The Administators and Moderators on here just don't seem to get the message and understand us! ) Also, I welcome you to Eurobricks! Here is an edit: You are probably right in the possibility in the Leatherhead minifigure in being huge in size, should there ever be one that is released by LEGO, just like Dog Pound is right now. This would be even more awesome to me, since I would be able to use him as a good Crocodile in the land of Chima which would mean that he would win against a battle with Cragger just because of his size (he would probably crush him! ). (In fact, Leatherhead might even be able to take on more than one Crocodile tribe member at the same time and still win the battle! )
  6. Good Cragger Fan

    Legends of Chima 2013

    The first two costumes at the Nuremberg Toy Fair look cute but not too childish-type of cuteness there , whereas the following costumes of Laval look way too childish-looking and weird-looking there, especially the first one of him that is right below the Nuremberg Toy Fair picture of the costume of him! , so what the hell happened there?! (could it be that North American versions of his costume are "dumbed down" and made more childish-looking there to cater to the North American children? ). However, Cragger doesn't look too bad in the last picture (at least in the angle in which the picture was taken in there), as he is supposed to have only one good eye even though he looks just as good with two good eyes like in the costume of him at the Nuremberg Toy Fair. [by the way, this reminds me that I would like to have a costume of Cragger (which would be something like the Nuremberg Toy Fair one) in an adult size that fits me comfortably there, so I can dress up as him on Halloween night and/or at Halloween parties , even though this might be wishful thinking of me here in being able to find one. ]
  7. Good Cragger Fan

    Ninjago 2013

    Actually, "The Lego Nolan" is right about that, because Garmatron is the super weapon (which is a type of tank) in which Lord Garmadon uses to fire the Dark Matter into Ninjago to spread evil all throughout Ninjago, and Lord Garmadon, at least in the Temple of Light set, is the form of Lord Garmadon who is actually possesed by the Overload (who will turn into an evil, black dragon when he is fully transformed there, in the last episode of Season 2 of the TV series). [i watch the TV show quite closely there and even own the plot episodes DVD and the Season 1 DVD box set of the TV show (and plan to get season 2 very soon from now!).]
  8. Good Cragger Fan

    News LEGO Boardgames 2013 Rumours & Discussion

    If LEGO was to have 3 factions in this game (thus up to 3 players can play this game), wouldn't it make sense for LEGO to have the most iconic good tribe (the Lions), the most iconic bad tribe (the Crocodiles) and a neutral tribe such as the Rhinoceroses or the Bears as the third faction? If I was LEGO, I would most certainly do this choice of tribes!
  9. Good Cragger Fan

    LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 10 Discussion

    If I ever find the Mr. Gold minifigure, I would do something similar here, except I would be trading for about 100 Dragon Knights and Lion Knights from the Kingdoms line about 100 Rohan foot soldier minifigures with the torso of the Rohan archer that comes in the Urk-Hai Army set, plus 100 of the new Black Falcon shield that comes in the Kingdoms Joust set, so I can make a Kingdoms-style Black Falcon army at least 5 copies of each of the very rare and very, very hard to find (especially the first three) 5995-1 Rascus, 5996-1 Santis, 5997-1 Danju and 5998-1 Jayko poly bag sets and 3 copies of the 5999-1 Vladek poly bag set (as I have a whole bunch of this poly bag set already and only need a few more copies of it) -- or, at the very least, the minifigures, themselves, of these sets, that would come loosely from the person on who I would trade the Mr. Gold minifigure for, there -- from the Knights Kingdom II theme of 2004 to 2006.
  10. Good Cragger Fan

    REVIEW: 71001 LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 10

    Are you saying that not even Minifigures Series 8 has shown up in Mexico yet, the same Minifigure series that was released 8 months ago in Canada and the US and is already discontinued by LEGO (and thus very hard to find around where I live in the world), me never mind Minifigures Series 9, even though your country has a LEGO packaging plant right inside your own country's borders????!!!! That is really terrible for LEGO to treat Mexico like this, so I say shame on them!!!! I feel really bad for you, as I live in Canada with a official LEGO Brand Retail Store fairly close to me! However, it was only like this for only about a year, and some previously released sets didn't ever show up in my country, such as Target and LEGO Brand Retail Store/LEGO Shop-At-Home exclusives. (There were no Targets stores anywhere in Canada, and even right now, there are none outside of the province of Ontario, but that will change pretty soon from now. )
  11. Good Cragger Fan

    LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 10 Discussion

    Do you have proof and/or a reliable source that can back-up your claim? If LEGO really has "sold out" completely of Minifigures Series 10, then don't you think that another production run (or two) is in order there, since Minifigures Series 10 isn't even supposed to be sold anywhere until May 1.
  12. Good Cragger Fan

    LOTR & The Hobbit 2013 Set Discussion

    Aren't you being a bit harsh here? Anyway, this is why I do not like the concept of "exclusive" sets, as not every country in the world that sells LEGO products has LEGO Brand Retail Stores nor LEGO Shop-At-Home and it would be very unfair if some countries get certain "exclusive" sets and other countries do not get them, especially if the LEGO fans who live in such countries, that don't have LEGO Brand Retail Stores or LEGO Shop-At-Home or neither of them, are completionists of certain LEGO themes. I, for one person, do not believe that there should be such a thing as "have" and "have not" countries in terms of LEGO product availabililty. Also, if LEGO products started showing up regularly in Canada about the same time as the US and LEGO-Shop-At-Home services started at the same time, shouldn't the same thing apply to the presence of LEGO Brand Retail Stores as well?
  13. Good Cragger Fan

    LEGO Castle 2013

    This is me going off-topic: If you think this is cliché, you have not seen the Legends of Chima theme with the (very annoyingly) stereotypical depiction of the Crocodiles as rag-tag, under-dressed villains. This is me going back on-topic: I personally can't stand many clichés, them including the Legends of Chima one that is mention above here and the Castle one, with the villains in always having to wear dark colours with red as an additional colour, the faces of the villains always have to look evil and/or frowning and/or angry in expression and looks, and the use of non-traditional LEGO Castle helmets. I'm saying this because it is almost impossible for me (or any child for that matter) to have the villains in taking the role of the heros and the heros in taking the role of the villains or have both of them just merely two warring factions with neither of them in being heros or villains, and, at the same time, have them look the role as well as acting the role. "Fliger", I have to agree with you that LEGO should of brought back the Forestmen and Black Falcon factions. This is especially true with the Black Falcons, since us in only having one modern Black Falcon minifigure in an expensive, LEGO Brand Retail Store and LEGO Shop-At-Home exclusive set that is the Kingdoms Joust set is just not good enough there, as it is very expensive to buy multiple Kingdoms Joust sets just to get multiple modern Black Falcon minifigures (I don't plan on buying more than two copies of the Kingdoms Joust sets) and I don't care for buying anything online other than at and maybe and/or
  14. Good Cragger Fan

    Legends of Chima 2013 (Action Figures)

    What country do you live in, there? As for Chi Cragger, Chi Razar and Chi Worriz constraction figures, it appears that their Chi is only partly corrupted there, since there is mostly a blue colour with a bit of a red colour mixed in on one edge of the Chi design on the torsos where the Chi orbs are supposed to be, there.