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  1. Pop Bumper Pete

    (MOC) Some Arcade machines I've been working on

    OK, old 60's style Baseball game
  2. Pop Bumper Pete

    (MOC) Some Arcade machines I've been working on

    I love that gumball machine, the Out Run cab is cool An Atari Star Wars, upright or cockpit would also be a nice addition if you need dimensions of a real pinball machine, just ask
  3. Pop Bumper Pete

    MOC: Brewery and Bottling Plant

    there is a micro brewery in my town your moc is a close match well done
  4. Pop Bumper Pete

    A quick comment on spam

    never noticed much spam as a former Moderator, we had great success with adding an extra question to the signup procedure (eg, What is your favorite minifig?). the spam bots do not expect an extra question and cannot complete the signup procedure
  5. the passenger coaches need passengers I do like the coaches for the 909 National Limited
  6. Pop Bumper Pete

    What train should I get next?

    The Maersrk is a nice engine, but I don't think it fits in with the rest of your trains go the Emerald Night
  7. Pop Bumper Pete

    What should i buy?

    Id buy the Maersk train and brick link some more containers I also like the current freight train 60052, but , again, you would need to bricklink more rollingstock (and it comes with powerfunctions!)
  8. Pop Bumper Pete

    Beginner + first layout design

    Looks great Plenty of opportunities for shunting I would add a spur to the inner loop into the town for an industry
  9. Pop Bumper Pete

    Red Lion 1940's in LEGO

    I like the boxcar, no, I like all the rolling stock the buildings are great too
  10. Pop Bumper Pete

    MOC: Friends All Terrain Food Truck

    a girl has to eat while skiing
  11. Pop Bumper Pete

    My trains running at MODEL EXPO ITALY

    nice train on a great track thank you
  12. Pop Bumper Pete

    MOC - The church of Saint Leonore

    that is great it looks like the churches around here (except for the top of the tower)
  13. Pop Bumper Pete

    MOC: Kansas City Streetcar PCC 551

    Emmet seems concerned that there is no driver
  14. Pop Bumper Pete

    Maintenance of Way equipment

    good to see your track getting some maintenance
  15. Pop Bumper Pete

    MOC: Modular Victorian Public Toilet

    when you gotta go....