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  1. malmen

    An army on the march

    Thank you Kolonialbeamter The path and not having it straight was one of my biggest headaches, I was really short on green plates and wedges, but I'm pleased with the way it turned out. I sure could have added some gray plates and tiles to make it look more uneven, but there was not that much room left once all the soldiers took place. And I always wanted to build something with a lot of flower stems, I like the look. Took a while to get them there though I've seen BoBS before but never really read the whole background and all. But I'll have another look now when I'm slowly getting the inspiration to build back again. And we sure don't want them reds to win
  2. malmen

    An army on the march

    I felt bad for my little Imperial Soldiers just lying around in a box, even sharing space with hideous red coats , so I thought I'd build them a display. Sadly I was not missing a lot of bricks to build a bigger display as I first had in mind, so I had to scale down and could only fit one third of the soldiers. But hey! It's at least something I know the photos are not the best, my skills are below average and I had to use the available lights. I've edited them a bit and it actually looked decent at first, but then Flickr compressed them even harder so it's a bit of graining now. Oh well, here are some pictures. All kind of feedback is appriciated An army on the march by malmen, on Flickr An army on the march by malmen, on Flickr An army on the march by malmen, on Flickr An army on the march by malmen, on Flickr