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    SYFY, Batman {Harley, Ivy, Joker.}, Lego of all kinds, Pets, All things Vampyre. I'm a adorkable [yes made up word that fits me] Gamer Chick that also Loves Glow sticks and Glow stars.


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  1. CandyKisses13

    LEGO Issues Apology

    Being a Lady in all but it doesn't bother me about that comment. Yeah sure kids today need to know the right way to talk and act to girls but they are kids and it's up to us as parents to teach them that. Sorry guys but they apologized to look good I think.
  2. Want the new Star Wars Lego Summer 2013 line out grrrr

  3. Neon Pink and Neon Green.

  4. Neon Pink and Neon Green.

  5. CandyKisses13

    Advice for building old Bat Cave?

    Thank you to all. I'm lost on how to post on the forums and where I can post things to I don't want to get banned because I keep posting on the wrong forums.
  6. The one and only Adorkable geek in Neon Pink

  7. I'm A Irish Princess Veritas.

  8. CandyKisses13

    Ladies, stand up !

    I guess this I just say to you all yes I'm a girl i'm a adorkable geek. I don't know. But to me I think that girls like legos more then all you guys sorry I know every time I get a new lego set I jump up and down and glow. But Yes to all of you out there I'm a girl. So now how do I get a nice Pink star seeing how Pink is my color . All us girls need to stick together. so we can have each others back.
  9. CandyKisses13

    Advice for building old Bat Cave?

    Thank you I never thought of that. Thats what I'm gonna do. I'm going to add to the new cave. and yes Pink RX8 why I'm a girl and I love neon pink is that a bad thing that I have my car there?
  10. CandyKisses13

    Advice for building old Bat Cave?

    I want to try in build the old bat cave. To me I think is would be easier to start with what I have just hanging around or would it be easier to build using the new cave and then add to that one??
  11. Thank you Omicron for adding some more places to go to. Yeah Born and raised in Mass and very Irish lol. Again thank you for those websites I will be stopping by them later today. Jenna
  12. I thank you EUROBRICKS team if I shouldn't get respounses from the topics I post on the forums in my email I am sorry for doing that. I am all new to this stuff but thats not an excuse to do something wrong I am deeply sorry. I promise to make my topics about some new stuff or at least try to make it about new stuff. to Tony or StrOngbad Thank you deeply for your help. I will keep you in mind when I need a question answered. Cheers. Yes I feel email to email takes more to type then just throwing out a answer on a forum or blog. I thank you for the email to email help and again thank you. To Legocrazy81 I thank you deeply for your help I will most def be looking into that forum tonight. Also any little bit will help me on my way. To CorneliusMurdock I see now I am sorry for posting that topic. I promise I want start a topic on old or on topics that have been worn out with replies. I thank you for giving me another chance on here. I am new to all this post topic forum stuff. Thank you deeply Jenna Also thank you for letting me know what MCW means.
  13. How about's do I get started on making costume Lego's. By like where to buy blank bodies, heads, hair, helmets and weapons. Also where and how do I get or make the body decals and the little side capes on them along with painting them as well? I'm new at this your help would be grateful thank you. Sorry I know I’m asking for a lot but I would like to learn and know how to do this. I have Googled and You tubed this stuff but nothing tells me where to get blank bodies in whole sale lots. Again I do thank you all for your help. Jenna Thank you all again Jenna Name is Jenna I thank you all.