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  1. sever

    Super Heroes 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    Not sure if anyone remembers this or have seen it. But on there was a old poster board with different lego superheroes bios and Flash was one of them! Among the line up was green lantern! So maybe im just woring here but it's not to late to assume that green lantern is among the 2014 line-up. Just thinkin outloud it happened with flash maybe it will happen with GL Im not so sure in the back of pic of the batmobile it looks like there is a red tab. Like in battle over gotham the jokers helicopter has a red tab in the back that when pushed a big missile pops out so there may be a surprise waiting here....... (hopefully )
  2. where did you get that hair piece for wolverine?
  3. sever

    MOC: Superman vs. Metallo

    Thanks i'll have to loook in to it
  4. sever

    MOC: Superman vs. Metallo

    I love your metallo i've been meaning to ask someone about life lites can you tell me about them and how they work?
  5. sever

    MOC: Ordering a Pizza

    Amazing Love it!
  6. sever

    MOC: The Penguin's War Room

    I love your version of the penguin Is that bigger penguin Duplo?
  7. sever

    About me

    I just remembered to post this. Hi everyone Names Sever. Some Of you may already know me some may not. I was born on December 10 and I love to create and bring life to lego! My strong points in building is mainly adding on to a set Like i put a half scene on top of the new batcave Where the transformation area is. But im trying my hand in a moc of my own a model of gotham city with (hopefully) Gaslights and a batcave with secret entrances in the city so far i only have a dumpster that comes out onto a track which leads into the cave.
  8. It would be cool to complete the set
  9. Goin to virgina

  10. sever

    Custom Instructions

    Maybe i'll have to check it out anyone think i should get gaslights for it i think it would it add to like the darkness in gotham and i have a space underneath where im building the model do think that i should put the bar down there and build like lower gotham?
  11. sever

    Custom Instructions

    Just finshed the bar in gotham its a tad to colorful i had to use a *shudder* yellow plate but i could just lay it over with gray tile do you think i should put in a pool table?
  12. sever

    Custom Instructions

    Sorry man cant i couldn't attach the video too you know what dailymotion is? or any other video sites
  13. sever

    Custom Instructions

    I've built one grapple gun out of a plane gun with a hose from the firetruck With the grapple hooko from the new batcave
  14. sever

    Custom Instructions

    I dont put things on youtube can i post a video here in this thread or can we give emails? And my resources are a little limited so i will try to keep the color scheme black and gray but no promises so unless someone can direct me to someone who has a lot of black bricks sell im all ears
  15. This looks great i could make it too.........