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  1. Tim Bit


    XXXXX is the name of a site I recently joined. What is it? It is a invite only site were you can earn points to redeem for prizes. You earn points by completing activities like logging in and answering a daily question. The prizes include Computers, I-pods, clothing, PayPal gift certificats and other cool stuff. However you can only redeem twice a month at mystery times for half an hour. Is it real? I've only had it for a few days so I haven't had enough points and been around for a redemtion to get anything. However I've had freinds who've gotten video games and cloths. I think it has potential but they need more prizes per redemtion. If you don't get invited you can't join but XXXXX the link so you can see the information video. So what do you guys think???
  2. Tim Bit

    Petition for the Revival of Harry Potter

    I'm in! I hope it works or at least shows that we care about discontinued themes. Harry Potter was one of my favorite themes and I hope it can be revived.
  3. Tim Bit

    Petition for Western returning

    I'll sign as the few western sets I have are amazing. Great idea!
  4. Tim Bit

    LEGO Star Wars 2010 Pictures and Rumors

    Funny you should mention pilots... Link I would deep link it but if you look closely there is a confidential stamp.
  5. Tim Bit

    LEGO Star Wars 2010 Pictures and Rumors

    Episode 3 eh... I'm not sure about everyone else but I personally would prefer clone wars. I have sold a lot of my episode 3 troopers and bought phase I's. However all of them still sound promising.
  6. Why did u post that? You should be more respectful to your fellow member who probably worked hard to mod it. Sorry for being a mini mod. As for the mod, I think it's great as i've been trying to do something like that for a while. Another masterpiece lars.
  7. Tim Bit


    I will take pictures this afternoon of my character. For now here is my biography. Name: Tom Beringer Occupation Before Apoc: Wild Game hunter Occupation After Apoc: Alien Hunter After the Apocalypse Tom found an armored suit in the remains of a military bunker. He spends his days hunting down aliens and hoping to find something edible. He has a ramshackle base and an old military vehicle. He never hunts robots only fights if he must. He is beginning to worry of his life as he has noticed outsiders in the city. He only hopes they are friendly.
  8. Tim Bit

    Galactic Paranoia: Day 7

    Vote: Pvt. Drake Knator/ Dragonator
  9. Tim Bit

    Galactic Paranoia: Day 7

    Come on guys we need leads before we vote. If anyone has a lead we need to know soon.
  10. Tim Bit

    Canadian Eh?

    I'm heading there today so if I see anything new or interesting I'll report back.
  11. Tim Bit

    Galactic Paranoia: Day 7

    I simply said the wrong thing. What I meant to say was that it was sad to see another loyal go and also sad to loose our last women.
  12. Tim Bit

    Galactic Paranoia: Day 7

    It is good we took out that black sun operative however it is sad to loose another loyal especially since it was our last woman. Dose anyone have any leads because we all need something to go on here.
  13. Tim Bit


    I'm in! I'll begin work on my mini fig right away.
  14. Tim Bit

    Galactic Paranoia: Day 6

    Hello everyone I'm Terris Bentman. We have also done a pretty crappy job of finding traitors. Let's hope now that were together we can do a better job.
  15. Do we really want to join them? What if he is part of the rebels himself and he is trying to trick us? We need to think quickly people what are best chances are.